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Emily Blunt: Meryl was "Mama Bear"

Actress Emily Blunt felt in good hands on the set of "Into the Woods" - thanks to her colleague Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, 65, was on "pee patrol" for Emily Blunt, 31, when the two were filming the fairy tale musical "Into the Woods".

It is the second time after the huge success "The Devil Wears Prada" that the two ladies have appeared together in front of the camera. As with the 2006 comedy, the actresses got along great, so Emily, who found out about her pregnancy shortly before filming started, was in good hands.

"She was Mama Bear on the set," she grinned in an interview with "vulture.com". "She was always on the pee patrol, she made sure that I had time to pee whenever I wanted." People, shut up! Emily has to go to the bathroom - again! "That's how it went all the time."

In February of that year, Emily and her husband John Krasinski (35, "Stranger Fishing") welcomed their daughter Hazel and the film beauty admitted how scared she was of "Into the Woods" director Rob Marshall, 54 to admit she was expecting a baby. After all, her character, the baker's wife, has problems getting pregnant. In the end, everything turned out fine and Emily has only fond memories of the time of filming. In fact, she enjoyed the production so much that she could even imagine slipping into her role again for a live version: "Go on tour with it? Or Broadway? I wonder if they would let us." laughed Emily Blunt. "That would be great! I would be there. I would be terrified, but I would be there!"