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- [WIKI] The exit can mean: a building opening, door (or the like), see development (building) the time to go out for prisoners, soldiers, servants, boarding school residents etc. to friends, parties, bars or discos, especially in the military, a work process within the communication logistics of companies and organizations, see outgoing mail the connection as an interface ...


- [WIKI] Material is a synonym for material in manufacturing technology, which is part of a production process or step in order to become part of the product; see material (manufacturing technology) the name of a band, see material (band) an optical property of objects in 3D computer graphics; see Material (3D computer graphics) Colloquial term for the resources of sound, photo or film recordings in school work, for example in school books, various ...
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Synonyms for "starting material"

word Synonyms

Source material Raw material
Source materialRaw material
Source materialraw material
Source materialRaw material

Source material material
Source material Base material

Source material openthesaurus

Wood sculpture - material experience and material experiment as a starting point for the development of sculptural concepts


Phrases with "source material"

  • But I don't just want to use it, I want to use it to create something new that doesn't compete with the original material.
  • Each participant works on his own piece, the starting material is made available.
  • The National Bank's strategy, which recommends the introduction of the euro as soon as possible, was only noted by the cabinet today as a starting point for further discussion.
  • In his speech, the President accused the West of hindering the enrichment of uranium and re-emphasized Iran's claim to the raw material for a medical research reactor.
  • In addition to food and clothing, the game provided him with raw materials for the manufacture of tools, weapons and jewelry.
  • The starting material is placed in the desired shapes together with the mushrooms, stored warm and dark and one to two weeks later the solid product can be removed from the mold.
  • Stem cells are the starting material for new tissues in the body.
  • In the past, they provided the starting material for many everyday objects, such as baskets of various shapes.
  • Plants, animals and their products can also be used economically, as can the genetic information of individual individuals, for example as starting material for pharmaceutical research.
  • Where does the raw material for a biogas plant come from?
  • However, those who provide this biological starting material look through the fingers of this logic.
  • The starting material silicon is still a dominant cost factor in the production of solar cells.
  • The leaves of the different varieties of peppermint are either processed for teas or they form the starting material for a number of other medicinal products.
  • In the past, they provided the starting material for many everyday objects such as baskets of various shapes.
  • The assumption arises that here - as is so often the case - there was little trust in the classic source material.
  • The team at Newcastle University used human stem cells from embryos a few days old as the starting material.
  • The raw material for this is available.
  • On the one hand, this is due to the raw material.
  • This starting material was used to build new stars.
  • The market for biofuels made from plants and animal raw materials is growing by ten percent every year.
  • Lang: First of all, I choose the starting material, it's about these catchy tunes.
  • Bacteria, yeast or algae are the preferred starting materials, especially for B vitamins.
  • The best labeling is of no use if the starting material does not comply with GMO-free conditions.
  • As a starting material for ceramics, clay made one of the oldest cultural techniques of mankind possible.
  • Corn instead of crude oil is the raw material for the housing of the first “green” cell phone.
  • Depending on the nature, raw material and environmental conditions, plastics can be very durable and often only decompose completely after centuries.
  • According to the interim results of the investigations at the University of Bonn, no intestinal bacteria were found in any of the raw material used in the production of the nutrient solution at the Mainz University Clinic, and the hose system was also not contaminated, as Mieth explained.
  • Wafers are the starting material for the manufacture of solar cells.
  • In any case, at the current rate of production, Iran would only need about a year to replenish its reserves of enriched uranium and obtain enough raw material to build an atomic bomb.
  • They are the ideal starting material for adventure or playground areas in complexes.
  • For example, soot particles are added to the starting material for the manufacture of car tires in order to give the rubber more strength and durability.
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