What are some treatments for frizzy hair

Keratin treatment for straight and curly hair

Keratin treatment promises to make hair smoother and shinier. Smooth - and still suitable for curly heads. The explanation: With a keratin treatment, the hair structure is soothed and given a natural shine, thereby the surface of the hair is smoothed, but curls look all the more beautiful. WOMAN editor Nadja has natural curls and has been annoyed for years that her hair often looks like a wild afro. She tested the keratin treatment at hair stylist Carola Staudinger in Vienna. The result is pretty impressive!

"The hair becomes smoother, softer and shinier without having to tame it with the straightening iron after each hair wash."

Keratin Treatment - What is it?

This type of hair treatment originally comes from Brazil. The way it works is as follows: Our hair consists mainly of keratin, an elastic protein. During the treatment, the keratin wraps itself around the hair like a protective film and penetrates deep into the cuticle. This makes the hair smoother, softer and shinier without having to tame it with the straightening iron after each hair wash.

Who is the keratin treatment suitable for?

The keratin treatment is suitable for every hair type: for dry, fine, normal, oily, colored, straight or curly hair. Anyone who is annoyed about frizz or wants even, structured curls, a keratin treatment is the right thing for you!

"After the treatment, the hair can be coiffed and styled as desired - straight or curly", explains Carola Staudinger.

Procedure of the keratin treatment

1. First, Carola washes my hair with a special keratin shampoo to remove any care product residue from my hair. The hair is blown dry.
2. Now she applies the keratin product to me strand by strand and combs my hair again for an even distribution.
3. Carola blow-drying her hair very hot with a large round brush and then even smooths it. The heat is necessary so that the keratin can penetrate deep into the hair structure.
4. As soon as the hair is dry, it is washed again.

"For the entire keratin treatment including styling at the end, you should plan in 2 hours", says Carola. "But the smoothing and the great result lasts for 100 days!"

And what does a keratin treatment cost?
The entire treatment is not cheap. Including styling, the keratin treatment costs around € 150.

WOMAN conclusion

The treatment is exactly what I've always been looking for! Curly hair always looks dry and lackluster. Thanks to the keratin treatment, my hair now shines beautifully, even if I blow dry it no more frizz. I also have the feeling that my hair density has doubled - madness! I don't usually know my hair like that ... Also very interesting: After the treatment, my colleagues asked me about my new hair color. The keratin seems to have made the color more intense. I am absolutely thrilled with the result! Carola Staudinger also worked with 100% vegetable keratin - and I always think that's good anyway.

Unfortunately, the keratin treatment is not yet offered in many salons. If you would like to get advice from Carola Staudinger, it is best to take a look at her website www.carolastaudinger.at. And on her Instagram page there are tons of before and after photos, just click here: instagram.com/cchairstyling