How does self defense work

How does self-defense work properly?

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Stefan and Beate Kern open the first self-defense studio with a new concept

The "SK1 Academy", a new studio in Großhaslach, offers self-defense and fitness courses such as Crossfit or Qigong and an area with natural cosmetics and wellness.

Under the motto "Holistic for body, mind and soul", the SK1 Academy works specifically to view the body as one and thus enable realistic self-defense in every situation.

It can hit anyone: at the wrong time, in the wrong place, and suddenly you are threatened with a weapon and seconds make the difference between life and death. There are many courses on self-defense and self-assertion so that people don't panic in an extreme situation like this, but rather know how to help themselves. “Most of them have nothing to do with reality,” says Stefan Kern regretfully. The 45-year-old has been managing the Ansbach security company SK1 Security for many years. “Martial arts alone is not a bad thing,” he explains. “Regular exercise and increased strength also increase confidence in yourself. Unfortunately, fighting techniques are of little use in reality. An attacker knows no rules, no referee and no weight class. It may be that someone has to hold their own against an attacker with a knife or pistol with their bare hands. Even memorized block techniques are of little use if the attacker is twice as big and fast, ”he explains.

That is why the security expert developed a new concept with his wife Beate. “We wanted to change something and offer people something that really works,” he says.

"Our technology works when a 50-pound woman manages to bring a bodybuilder to the ground," emphasizes Stefan Kern. With the new concept, a mixture of PFS (Progressive Fighting System) and KALAH-System ("The True Krav Maga"). “We train distance, movement and various techniques. But that also includes a healthy and alert mind, ”he explains. “Self-defense doesn't look as cool as it does on TV. In reality, it comes down to survival, ”he says. In the event of an attack by several people, it makes sense, for example, to put both elbows in front of your face and always run forward. "This way, no hits to the head can get through and there is no distance, and no attacker can strike," explains Stefan Kern.

The new studio in Großhaslach, which offers fitness courses such as Crossfit or Qigong, also has an area for wellness and natural cosmetics. His wife Beate also takes care of body, soul and spirit. The trained natural beautician looks at the body as a whole: "When the mind is free, the body is also much more concentrated and stronger," she explains. She knows about metabolic activation, treats skin problems and knows many relaxation techniques.

The SK1Akademie offers various courses to those interested. “Our participants can use an online system to book the weekly courses that interest them,” says Stefan Kern. Different courses are currently planned, for example for beginners or advanced, women or children.

By arrangement, Beate Kern will offer appointments relating to natural cosmetics, wellness and metabolic activation according to customer requirements.

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