Should I leave my hostel?

Check out

The Check out is an important process in the travel industry. In the hotel industry as well as in aviation. Here I explain to you what check-out means and how it works in the hotel and in the airport. If you want to know how long the process takes at the airport, you will also find an answer here. I will explain everything to you about the topic and give you interesting information.

What does check out mean?

The German translation for check out is check out. The term is mainly known from the hotel industry. Check-out is the process that takes place between leaving the room and leaving the hotel. In short: the check-out includes the Key handover, the Payment of invoices as well as the Deregistration at the reception. Once that's done, you can leave the hotel and start your journey home.

When is the check-out at the hotel?

Every hotel can have its own Check-out times determine individually. However, most hotels have the same check-out times. The check-out times are usually between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.. The hotels set the time for the morning or noon, as the rooms have to be prepared for the next guests. The cleaning staff has to make the beds fresh, clean the hotel room and prepare everything for the next guests. To ensure that everything is perfect when the next guests check in, usually between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., the cleaning staff needs a few hours' notice. Especially since you don't just have to prepare a single room. If the check-out time is too early because the plane is not taking off until the evening or you still want to explore the city, you can ask for a late check-out.

What does late check-out mean?

At the Late check-out the time of leaving the hotel shifts backwards. If you want to leave the hotel later than the normal check-out time, you have to inform the hotel. It is not always possible to extend your stay. This could be because the hotel is fully booked and the rooms need to be cleaned on time. In some hotels there is a Late check-out free of chargenot in others. How high they additional fees for late checkouts, each hotel can determine for itself. It is best to ask beforehand before there are high additional costs and a nasty surprise on the bill.

Check-out process in the hotel

The same goes for check-in Check-out at the hotel at the reception. After you've left your hotel room, go there. At the reception you first hand in the key for the hotel room. The rule is that you only pay for the room when you check out. Because then all services that you used during your stay can be fully charged. These chargeable services can be the minibar, WiFi, massages and pay TV. After checking the bill, you pay it and can leave the hotel. If you don't feel like doing this procedure at reception, many hotels offer mobile check-out and express check-out.

What does express check-out mean?

The QuickCheck out or Express check-out is of interest to everyone who wants a quick check-in at the hotel. Anyone who has to get to the plane or train quickly can do that expedited checkout use and bypass the clearance at the reception. Many hotels offer this service. The prerequisite: The hotel needs a declaration of cost acceptance from the guest. Alternatively, in some hotels, the guest's credit card details are sufficient. If you use the express check-out, you do not have to go to reception again to log off after leaving the room. You will receive the invoice for all chargeable services to your home or by email. Or your credit card will be charged with the corresponding amount. It depends on the method the hotel uses for a quick checkout.

Mobile check-out

This type of check-out makes the process that normally takes place at the reception of a hotel easier for many hotel guests. Instead of going to the hotel reception, you can mobile check-out do it via an app. The hotel portal HRS already offers this solution for selected hotels. The way it works is simple: you load the app onto your smartphone and can use it to regulate check-in, check-out and much more, for example. You even pay for the hotel room via the app by entering your payment details before you arrive. In this way, the check-out almost takes care of itself and you save yourself the wait at the hotel reception.

What is an airport check-out and how does it work?

The counterpart to check-out at the hotel is that Check-out at the airport This is the process that occurs between leaving the plane and leaving the airport. Checking out at the airport is easy and takes just a few steps. Many do not even perceive it as checking out, as they know it from the hotel. The check-out process is as follows:

  1. You get off the plane.
  2. Depending on the flight and the destination airport, you have to go through passport control.
  3. You pick up your luggage from the baggage carousel.
  4. If necessary, you have to go through customs clearance (as a sample or when you import goods to be declared).
  5. You leave the airport building.

With the last step that is Check out at the airport done and you go to the vacation spot or home.

How long does it take to check out at the airport?

It is not possible to specify exactly how long it will take to check out at the airport. There are many factors related that can make the process from getting off the plane to leaving the airport longer or shorter. But it usually takes time Check-out at the airport approximately 30 minutes. It can also take less time on domestic flights. It depends on whether the individual steps run smoothly. The first factor that affects time is your seat on the plane. If you sit close to the doors, you can leave the plane faster than others. This will also get you to passport control faster, if one is planned. If you are at the back of the queue, it logically takes longer. You can influence the baggage collection less. Unless you only fly with hand luggage. If you had to check in luggage, you wait at the arrival airport until your suitcase appears on the baggage carousel. The final step that can cause delays is customs clearance. If you import goods to be declared, I advise you to declare them yourself. There may also be random checks by the officials. Regardless of whether you have goods to declare or not: It can take some time and delay the check-out. If you have nothing to declare and are not checked, you can leave the airport directly.