Is Elon Musk really low on cash

Late shift - The SWR Comedy Stage

(First broadcast: April 23, 2021)
Less than five months until the federal elections and still a tough candidate search - one thing is for sure: From autumn Germany will have to get along without Angela Merkel, Dieter Bohlen and Jogi Löw.

Florian Schroeder has also already clarified the K question - namely which top-class artists he welcomed in this issue of "Spätschicht". This time there: Lisa Feller, Tobias Mann, Lisa Fitz, Timo Wopp and Michael Frowin.

Lisa Feller gets to the bottom of one of mankind's oldest questions: Was everything really better in the past? Without today's problems and debates, instead with cassette tape salad and coal heating? One thing is for sure: it used to be a lot less fun without Lisa Feller!

Tobias Mann takes a close look at the Union: between the K question and the mask affair, the sister parties are permanently causing a lot of excitement and discussion. Is this where the last traditional people's party also dismantles itself?

Lisa Fitz makes Elon Musk and his tech company Tesla steam: The electric car giant wants to build a new plant in the Brandenburg province. But annoyingly, nobody really thought about environmental protection. Nevertheless, as always in Germany, everything is made possible for the automotive industry. Good ride!

Timo Wopp not only juggles with balls, but also with good punch lines. During the pandemic, he had to spend time with his family in his own four walls for the first time and realized that he is not the type for such a flat share. In the late shift, he gets advice - and it is very entertaining.

Michael Frowin only has money in his head: while in other countries payments have been largely cashless for a long time, in Germany the maxim "Only cash is true!" Was still valid until the pandemic. Frowin's punchlines definitely pay off.