Why America has no kitchen

American cuisine - not just burgers and junk food

Everyone knows and loves the delicious American burgers. (Photo by: © istock.com)

When you think of American cuisine, you think of McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway. Lots of meat, lots of fat and huge portions.

In fact, US American cuisine has a lot more to offer, because historically it is made up of numerous regional cuisines, which in turn are based on international cuisine.

For example, a lot of influences from Europe can be identified. But that is also happening in some regions Soul food the Afro-American broad or the Asians have left their mark.

History and influence of the kitchen

The history of American cuisine has evolved over the centuries. The foundation stone was once laid by the settlers from the European countries came to America to settle here - above all the Spaniards, French, Germans, English and Italians.

Also the religious groups like the Quakers or the Amish, have immortalized themselves in American cuisine.

Due to the large number of Asian immigrants (in the 19th century), American cuisine also has a large one Asian influence (e.g. Asian chilli or tacos with Asian vegetable filling, chop suey, etc.).

Numerous developed over time Regional kitchens like the Spanish-Mexican cuisine (e.g. tacos, burritos, enchiladas or tortillas), the Creole Cajun cuisine and the soul food in the south. These were later shaped by other foreign influences, for example by the countless slaves from Africa or the workers from India who were brought to America to work there.


This is a typical American tradition Thanksgiving festival, Thanksgiving. It has been cultivated since the 17th century. On this day the whole family comes together and celebrates a big party. The typical dish for Thanksgiving is a large, stuffed turkey (roasted turkey).

There are also a variety of side dishes that are said to go back to the first Thanksgiving festival, such as sweet potatoes, peas, corn and much more. For many, Thanksgiving Day is also a very religious affair.

Well-known kitchens in the USA

  • Southern cuisine - is called the kitchen in the south of the USA and is mainly influenced by the kitchen culture of the Afro-American people - it is also called soul food (= food for the soul).
  • California Cuisine - Due to the numerous vegetables and fish dishes, it is one of the healthiest in the USA and is a combination of Asian-French-Italian cuisine prepared with regional products. By the way - one of the co-founders of this style of cooking is the Austrian Wolfgang Puck, who co-founded this style of cooking in the 80s.
  • Cajun food - is the cuisine of the mainly French settlers in the state of Louisiana. This cuisine is considered simple, rustic and mostly made from local ingredients. An upscale variation is that creole cuisinethat developed in cities (e.g. New Orleans).
  • Tex-Mex cuisine - As the name suggests, it is composed of kitchen influences from the two states of Texas and (northern parts) of Mexico. The cuisine is characterized by the main ingredients such as chillies, meat and beans (e.g. chilli con carne, tortills, tacos, etc.).

Main ingredients in the kitchen

Chicken baked with lettuce is healthy American cuisine. (Photo by: © kwasny221 / fotolia.com)

Due to the great variety of American cuisine, no specific main ingredients can be specified. Overall, it can be stated that the typical American is above average lots of meat eats and this mostly in the unhealthy Junk food variant.

In addition, too few vegetables and healthy foods are usually consumed. However, not all Americans can be lumped together, in many regions the regional cuisine is very distinctive and sometimes even really healthy.

Most famous dishes

  • Cheesecake: cheesecake
  • Twinkie: little cakes that are filled with a cream
  • Hush puppies: Corn balls that are fried
  • Caesar salad: romaine lettuce with Caesar vinaigrette, parmesan and roasted croutons
  • Chicago-style pizza: Pizza with a very thick base and filling
  • Donut: donut in the shape of a ring
  • Cornbread: bread made from corn
  • Brownies: small cakes made from dark chocolate
  • Muffuletta: New Orleans style sandwich
  • Chicken Wings: marinated chicken wings and legs
  • Jambalaya: rice dish
  • Pumpkin pie: pumpkin pie
  • Muffins: small handcakes
  • Hotdog: sausages in a dressing gown
  • Chili con Carne: meat stew with beans
  • Tacos: corn tortillas

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