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"Breitbart News" and the AfD : Trump's house and court medium wants to support the AfD

He is only 30 years old and yet played a not unimportant role in the success of Donald Trump. Alexander Marlow is editor-in-chief of the Breitbart News Network, a media company that has provided right-wing circles in the US with campaign journalism since 2008 and was closely linked to Trump's campaign machine. The unusual name goes back to company founder Andrew Breitbart, who died in 2012 at the age of 43. His goal was to found a “Huffington Post‘ from the right ”.

Marlow was his first employee at "Breitbart News", which not only operates a website, but also offers its own radio shows and podcasts. He sees himself as part of a “right-wing counterculture”. Marlow not only had many reports published that were intended to denounce Hillary Clinton, but also attacked the leadership of the Republican Party and the party-affiliated broadcaster "Fox News". "Breitbart News" became known to a wider public through several scoops, most notably the disclosure of the "sexting" scandal of former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner, who had distributed lewd photos on Twitter and had to resign.

There is already an offshoot in London

How close the ties with Trump are was shown at the latest when company boss Stephen Bannon was hired by Trump as campaign manager in the summer. Breitbart News was also the news site most linked and cited by the official Trump website. The proximity to Trump had previously led to internal disputes. Some journalists left the company after reporter Michelle Fields testified that Trump's ex-employee Corey Lewandowski attacked her. She quit because she did not feel that she was adequately supported by her own leadership.

From the community

That confuses me now. A press medium wants to support right-wing populist parties like the AfD. But isn't it precisely the voters of this AfD who rant about the tendentious press on every topic, which is only controlled by the "left-green mainstream"?

... writes user SuOm

"Breitbart News" is now ranked 34th among the most widely read media pages in the USA. As Alexander Marlow has now announced, the side wants to use the tailwind from Trump's victory to expand into Europe. There is already an offshoot in London that agitated for Brexit. Specifically, Marlow spoke of new locations in Germany and France. The aim is to support elected right-wing populist politicians in both countries. With the AfD and the Front National, two corresponding parties are currently successful there. "Breitbart News" wants to use their rise to earn money by spreading conspiracy theories and related propaganda in these countries as well. This has apparently already been achieved in the USA and Great Britain.

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