Has society accepted the term cis

cis *

What does cis * mean?

In a nutshell, cis * means that you identify with the gender assigned from the outside. For example, you are perceived as a man and see yourself that way. But that doesn't mean that it necessarily makes life easier.

For cis * people, social ideas, for example about being a woman or being a man, are particularly important. Because even if you correspond to the gender assigned from the outside on the inside, that does not mean that you have to fully meet the prejudices or expectations of other people. Surely there are princesses who want to be saved and knights who want to save princesses. But that is by no means always the case! It is much more important that you decide for yourself what you want and what not - regardless of social ideas. And don't be unsettled by supposedly serious offers, so-called conversion treatments, some of which are also called conversion therapies or reparative therapies - they want to unnecessarily change or suppress gender identity and have harmful effects, which is why they are now banned for young people in Germany. Instead, enjoy being the way you feel. And maybe you just want to be rescued once and maybe you prefer to play the savior yourself another time. It's entirely up to you.