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Reset needs real page refresh! They also offer a lot more service compared to the new free brokers. Become part of Germany's largest financial community.

Strangely enough, Smartbroker terminates after a successful automatic renewal, even though I have tried various "Session Alive" settings. ProStocks - Unlimited Trading Plan and Flat Fee Plan. I would just like to test the interface in advance after logging in, but that doesn't seem to be possible. ROUNDUP / Aktien Frankfurt opening: Dax clearly curbs the minus, ECB and US economic data are putting more pressure on EUR / USD, Stratec - 10-EMA as a good whistleblower, DAX slips below 11,400 points in the pre-trading session, BioNTech - a German biotech giant is awakening , Champignon Brands, from the field of development and marketing of psychedelic medicine, Benchmark Metals - formerly private finance.

(...), (...) For forum members, I would ask you to refer to our service line or to [email protected] console.log ("Remaining value of the '5 minutes logout countdown':", seconds); clearInterval (interval); // The interval that was started in the 'setValues ​​()' function is deleted. I am happy for citizens from AT. Section 67 WpHG ... Nobody will have practical experience yet, but the pure theory is cleared: 1. A term that fits both machines and people. NYSE +20 min. On the homepage, Smartbroker is currently writing: "Due to the current developments in connection with the coronavirus, there are unfortunately delays in opening the securities account. Likes received 5 posts 13. The background is a change in American law in 2017 (!). No restrictions in the ETF selection. It is more or less in a custody account at the DAB. Stock market & financial widgets for your homepage. Gold fund manager Böger: "Classic value investors like Warren Buffett are starting to buy gold stocks", with one holistic investment concept to participate in the real estate boom, the online broker for Germany, Austria & Switzerland. The community supporters in the Wallstreet online forum do not know exactly what fees are charged for. But some negotiations are necessary. If I can I remember that until now Flatex has been the cheapest broker. Almost unnoticed, COPPER has reached its high for the year! This could be the reason n which is why a simple tab refresh is not enough. I cannot say exactly because the corresponding scripts on the start page are compressed and it was too time-consuming for me to separate them. I like Smartbroker much better than Onvista: it is more diverse. interval = setInterval (checkSessionTimerUpdate, testInterval * 1000); // Initialize and start the interval.

But we are currently working flat out so that we can offer you the payouts even cheaper in a few weeks. TAN is sent via smartphone. Today is the 22nd. Only when inactive? 10g member.

Once in the DAB view and in the Smartbroker view: Wonderful, everything works as it should. Smartbroker has grown out of Germany's largest financial community and tailored to your needs. The broker is probably still too young. But at DAB I thought the brand had completely disappeared and merged with Consorsbank. if (millis < maxlogintime="" *="" 60="" *="" 1000){="" wenn="" die="" differenz="" kleiner="" als="" [maxlogintime]="" (angabe="" in="" minuten="" -="" daher="" *="" 60="" *="" 1000)...="" setvalues();="" ...dann="" starte="" die="" funktion="" 'setvalues()'="" und="" das="" spiel="" beginnt="" von="" vorn="" ;-).="" }="" smartbroker:="" wie="" sind="" eure="" erfahrungen="" bzw.="" zudem="" wird="" bei="" der="" berechnung="" der="" einlagenquote="" der="" jeweilige="" durchschnitt="" der="" salden="" im="" berichtszeitraum="" (quartal)="" zugrunde="" gelegt="" und="" damit="" gewährleistet,="" dass="" sich="" kurzfristige="" höhere="" kontosalden="" (z.b.="">

Page 1 of the discussion 'Smartbroker - Broker from Germany's largest financial community' from December 16, 2019 in the w: o forum 'Banken & Broker'.

These simply reload the tab after the defined time. A stupid click every 4 minutes would be possible. // By using random values, a "natural" acting behavior is to be simulated. Do I still remember who my contractual partner is ??? As soon as your depot is opened, we will inform you immediately. If you continue surfing, you agree to the use of cookies. And with the latter, the problem is less the fees than the taxes that are due on every sale or at least at the end of the year.

I couldn't do that with the BEEP. DAX: 12,553 -1.44%: Dow Jones: 28,211 -0.35%: TecDAX: 3,063 -1.48%: dollar rate: 1.187 + 0.40%: shares; News; Forum; Certificates / OS; Currency; Raw materials; Funds; ETF; Interest; Knowledge; Depot. I have the portfolio opening on the 25th. Are the world stock exchanges facing a crash ???

You probably have to punch smart brokers so that they change that. I cannot say whether this is the case with DAB (smartbroker). When I read "No account and deposit fees" on the FlatEx homepage as before, I feel very confused and doubt FlatEx's seriousness.

(Appendix) But anyone can easily change that. Whether it is a German or a foreign title is irrelevant. Incidentally, with a high level of mastery and minor deviations, as can be seen in old scripts. Health and friends are the most precious things in the world.

What has always bothered me about FlatEx was the fee of 5.90 euros for each distribution of foreign dividends, which was really expensive with four distributions per year.

"Calculators" were once people like Adam Ries who calculated for merchants who couldn't.

I have to say that so far I have bought and sold the US shares at the FlaEx price on German stock exchanges for a fee of 5.90 euros per order. Should I start soon, I received this email earlier (application and implementation Postident was on December 23rd): Smartbroker - forwarding your documents. I don't want to think up what data protection will look like there. The classification will be changed according to the legal regulations.

Smartbroker is a young German discount broker based in Berlin.


Ethnonymously, December 12, 2019 in Broker, Bank, and Trade Management. Those who only invest in ETFs are less interested in the few more euros in fees, since the ETFs are held for the long term, while those who trade are very much interested. Has anyone used Smartbroker? 3 weeks my application to open an account was sent to DAB. Is required to be able to access the set interval, e.g. to delete it.

The software is also process / companion oriented with pop-up reminders, messages, quick web-link access and loaded with tips and warnings to help the trader keep a tight and well discipline trading process. foreign stocks / Reits that are traded directly there is currently too high and no option trading on US stocks is possible ... Does anyone have any experience with the classification as a professional investor at Smartbroker? Even those who work for one of the brands of BNP Paribas S.A. Branch office Germany is already classified as a professional customer has to go through the entire classification process again: (...) Unfortunately, a "simple" in-house solution is not possible, we need a separate determination of the status. We currently expect a processing time of around 4 weeks. Is it worth opening another depot there or even a change? (...). // I take over, // K E I N E R L E I V E R A N T W O R T U N G. // for any damage of any kind !!!!

I don't know yet whether I will transfer the deposit to SmartBroker later.

var starttime = (); // The current time. Your smart broker portfolio is at least EUR 500,000. The Eur 3 difference in the fees are not so important with buy and hold. on the EUR account balances - and only on the amount exceeding 15%.

This can be found in the B2B PLV of the processing partner DAB BNP Paribas. This also applies to the distribution of stock dividends and bonds.
You can take a look at it here!

Request the form from your advisor. For security reasons, I also arranged it, because I did not want that, as a buy-and-hold investor, I pay attention to more than just the trading price; almost everything fits with Smartbroker! We are all professional investors, you mean the classification as a professional customer according to. Since my portfolio is very US-heavy (exclusively stocks), I am not sure whether I would save money with Smartbroker. They also offer a lot more service compared to the new free brokers. As long as you are working on the site, the timer is automatically reset anyway. For better readability I have only let the comments begin in the same column, see appendix, which you can continue to use if you want. Not a price breaker - but a further step in the right direction (at least from the customer's point of view). Started February 2020. 15. Why a random function is needed and why the script has to be so long at all when you only have to set a click every 4 minutes. Free delivery trading and Max Rs 20 for Intraday, F&O, Currency and Commodity Trading. Open online account with Zerodha. // With the interval of 5 seconds, 35 seconds of remaining time can become 30 seconds, var logState = false; // The text output in the console window can be activated here (true / false). if (text.length == 4) {// If the text has 4 characters.

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