How is a BB weapon made

Which bullets are the right ones for Airsoft: different types of ammunition presented

Airsoft fans choose their airsoft weapon specifically according to their personal requirements. In addition to the choice of airsoft, there are also some things to consider when it comes to ammunition, the airsoft bullets. Everything there is to know about the small bullets, such as the standard caliber, the correct weight of the ammunition for your airsoft and the additional types of ammunition for airsoft weapons, you will find out in this article. So you have the right ammunition for every situation and airsoft.

Ammunition for Airsoft: BB ammunition

In contrast to sharp firearms, airsoft pistols, revolvers and rifles do not use cartridges with propellant charge, but rather Airsoft bullets. You can find out how these are removed from the barrel in our article about the different modes of operation of airsoft weapons.

Use airsoft guns Airsoft balls, that too BBs are mentioned as ammunition. There are several explanations and theories for the meaning of "BB". On the one hand, the name can be related to the term ball bearing as those used in sports Round balls for air rifles often from the Ball bearing production came from. The takeover from the field of compressed air weapons, where BB originally stood for a certain shot size, is also plausible. On the other hand, some also solve the abbreviation baby bullet with which the small balls are described accordingly. With BBs one therefore means in the German area the small bullets that serve as ammunition for airsoft weapons.

The standard airsoft caliber

Ammunition for softaires is almost always 6 mm diameter bullets, most of the time made of plasticor corn starch (Bio-BB) exist. With the standard caliber of airsoft guns, there are significant differences in the weight of the bullets and not in the size. It is common to sell weights from 0.12 g to 0.45 g, although there are also uncommon heavier bullets with a metal coating or completely made of metal.

The three most common calibers and weights for airsoft guns:

  • 6 mm; 0.12 g
  • 6 mm; 0.20 g
  • 6 mm; 0.25 g

In addition to the standard caliber of 6 mm, airsoft pellets with a diameter of 8 mm are used less frequently - mostly for precision shooting.

What weight should my airsoft balls be?

Since almost all weapons use the 6 mm caliber, it is important that the weight of the airsoft pellets individually to match your weapon. If the balls are too light, the balls drift in all directions because the hop-up no longer works properly. If the balls are too heavy, your range will be massively reduced. Lower range and precision can thus the consequence of unsuitable ammunition be. If in doubt, you should test different ammunition - our own, if you like AIRWEAPON Airsofthalle in Tönisvorst.

Weight ammunitionrecommendationcomment
0.12 g< 0,25="">For weaker airsoft weapons
0.20 g0.4 to about 0.9 JStandard weight for many airsoft guns. Well suited for short distances where a stable trajectory over long distances can be neglected.
0.25 gUpper limit for unmodified airsoft weapons. Fly slower than BBs with 0.20 g, but with a more stable trajectory. They are not as easily distracted by foliage as lighter BBs.
0.28 g> 0.5 yFor modified airsoft weapons. Significantly cheaper than 0.30 g BBs with a similar performance.
0.30 gSuitable for most precision softair weapons.
0.36 gHeavier ammunition for precision softair weapons. Very slow, but trajectory very stable.
0.43 g> 3 ySuitable for precision softair weapons with a higher muzzle energy. Usually coated with graphite.
0.85 gOnly for < 7,5="">Steel balls, only suitable for airsoft guns less than 7.5 years.

Special types of airsoft bullets: color, bio ammunition, light ammunition and more

In addition to the varying weight, the ammunition is available in different colors. The small balls are usually white, but bright colors can help you find the ammunition or can be tailored to teams. In addition to the colors, there are the following special ammunition:

Organic BBs

Since Airsoft is often played outdoors, exist biodegradable airsoft BBs. These exist from strength and disintegrate after about a year if not used and within two to three weeks under the influence of moisture. With the use of bio-BBs, airsoft matches do not harm nature. Therefore, if you are not playing in a hall, make sure you use degradable BBs for sustainable use. Depending on the field of play, this ammunition may be required.

Coated balls and metal balls

The BBs can be coated with metal or graphite. These are intended for precision software weapons. Solid aluminum or steel balls are occasionally used to shoot targets. This ammunition should not be used to shoot people!

Luminous ammunition / fluorescent BBs

Softairs can fire fluorescent ammunition in conjunction with a special barrel adapter ("tracer") to prevent the Effect of tracer ammunition to achieve. To do this, the ammunition in the tracer is exposed to a short, bright UV flash. The coating of the ammunition then glows for a short time.

Color ammunition

Color-filled ammunition is available for airsofts, but it cannot be used with every airsoft weapon. This type of ammunition is not compatible with weapons that have a hop-up system or a higher muzzle energy of more than 0.5 joules, as the paint ball would otherwise burst in the barrel. The colored ammunition BBs are mostly filled with food coloring.

Aspherical pellets

Airsoft guns that fired aspherical pellets were manufactured in the 1990s. The best-known example is Asahi's “Blade Bullet”. However, production was discontinued and existing softaires of this type were destroyed, as these could be converted in a few steps so that they could fire real 22 cartridges.

Now you know how to find the right bullets for your airsoft gun. If you are still unsure about which ammunition is the right one for airsoft, we at AIRWEAPON will be happy to advise you.