What are the concentrations in MPA

Special services: ask us!

The Radiation Protection Competence Center offers its customers a range of special services. An overview:

Dosimetric special measurements

Dosimetric special measurements include dose measurements TLD special dosimeters (TLD rods) for special tasks. For this purpose, TLD100 rods (LiF: Mg, Ti) and a Harshaw handheld evaluation device are used.

Electronic dosimetry for monitoring pregnant women

The MPA NRW offers its customers a loan service for electronic dosimeters (EPD) for monitoring pregnant women in radiation protection areas in accordance with Section 69 StrlSchV. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is limited: Before borrowing, the company radiation protection officer must ensure that the dosimeter is not exposed to the direct beam of a pulsed radiation field.

Isotope laboratory and measuring point REI

The MPA NRW is an accredited test laboratory for radioactivity measurements and radiochemical processes on different fabrics. The tests for radiation protection of nuclear facilities and the environmental monitoring are carried out in accordance with the "Guideline for emission and immission monitoring".

Radon concentration measurements

The MPA NRW is an accredited test laboratory for the determination of the radon concentration according to DIN ISO 11665-4. Active and passive measurement methods are available:

  • Quick measurements of the Radon concentration (pdf) with activated carbon radon collectors (exposure duration 1 to 3 days)
  • Measurement of the radon concentration with active measuring devices
  • Long-term measurements (pdf) of the radon concentration with a nuclear track detector as an area dosimeter (exposure duration 1 to 12 months)

In addition, the MPA NRW is a measuring point for radon-222 in accordance with Section 132 of the Radiation Protection Act (StrlSchG). Measurements of the Radon-222 exposure for example in waterworks. Are used here passive radon personal dosimeters with nuclear track detector (exposure duration 3 to 6 months).

For the calibration of radon measuring devices, the radiation protection laboratory of the MPA NRW has a 21 cubic meter radon chamber for its customers. Radon concentration, moisture content, temperature and aerosols are freely selectable.

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Radiation protection measurements on site

For taking samples, measuring radiation and evaluating the measurement results outside the laboratory, the MPA NRW has mobile devices for measuring dose rate, contamination and sampling of aerosols.

Since many radionuclides emit gamma radiation, gamma spectrometry is a preferred measurement method in radiation protection. The MPA NRW has several portable gamma spectrometers with high-resolution germanium detectors in order to be able to make quick and reliable statements about the type and activity of a radiator on site (for example in-situ measurements).