What is plastic extrusion

Plastic extrusion: technical profiles by the meter

In many projects, the question arises as to which process should be used to manufacture plastic components for technical applications. Here we often see that project managers decide against the extrusion process due to prejudices. Therefore we want to clear up some mistakes:

Misconception 1: "Plastic extrusion is not as precise as injection molding."
Our specially developed extrusion process enables a precision and surface quality that is just as good as with the injection molding process with high-performance tools.

Misconception 2: "Plastic extrusion is more expensive than injection molding."
On the contrary: as a continuous process, extrusion is even more cost-effective than injection molding, especially for larger quantities. Once set up correctly, high quality production continues. The amount of care required is reduced.

Misconception 3: "Plastic extrusion takes longer than injection molding."
As soon as the tools and materials are run in, the running times are very short. 10,000 meters a day are no problem in the extrusion process.

Misconception 4: "Plastic extrusion is less durable than injection molding."
If the tool shop is in-house, the tools are always in the best of hands. The utmost care and care enable service lives of more than 1 million meters per tool.

Misconception 5: "Plastic extrusion offers less design freedom than injection molding."
The scope in extrusion is infinitely large, especially when it comes to the length of components. And there are hardly any limits to flexibility in the cross-section of plastic profiles.

tl; dr: Thermoplastic extrusion, if you want it to be long and precise

Which process is more suitable for the production of plastic profiles depends on the specific requirements: thermoplastic extrusion is the method of choice when two-dimensional components are to be manufactured in the same or different lengths. This is typically the case with profiles or plastic strips. If the components are more three-dimensional and always the same size - such as plastic housings - then the injection molding process is more suitable.