Why do you drink Starbucks

From 2020 you will be drinking your Starbucks frappucchino made from cardboard straws

Starbucks announcement is: From 2020, no more plastic straws in all of its 28,000 branches worldwide. The company estimates it will save a billion stalks a year.

"Starbucks is finally drawing a red line and creating a role model for other big brands."

Starbucks manager Chris Milne

For cold drinks there will be a lid with a small opening for drinking in the future. For drinks with ice cubes like the "Frappucchino" there should be straws made of paper or starch. You won't automatically get a stalk at all, you'll have to ask what the company said.

Plastic straws are difficult to recycle. They are too thin to be sorted out, explained manager Milne. The lids made of the plastic polypropylene, on the other hand, are big enough.

In Europe, the EU Commission has already announced a ban on drinking straws and disposable dishes. Many cities in the United States are considering this move. Seattle, where Starbucks is based, is so far the only big city that has actually banned plastic straws in cafes and restaurants. It has been in effect since July 1st.

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Oh no! The drought makes our fries more expensive (and shorter) 😱

There is nothing nicer than red and white French fries in the outdoor pool? And that's why a huge problem is rolling towards us all right now. Due to the persistent drought, the fries could very soon become more expensive, the reason being the poor potato harvest. The potato processing industry warns of quality problems and impending bottlenecks.

With the drought, the situation "dramatically" worsened, according to a statement by the Federal Association of Fruit, Vegetable and Potato Processors ...

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