What makes Britney Spears a pop icon

Pop icon Britney Spears: How a world star became a puppet

US star Britney Spears (37) has long been under the tutelage of her father Jamie Spears. He will keep this at least partially even after the recent exchange of blows in court. To understand the real content of this message, however, one has to dig a little deeper.

Britney Spears - an economic powerhouse

Britney Spears has sold well over 150 million albums and has received a Grammy and countless other awards. She is a millionaire and advertising icon, has stood as a testimonial in front of the camera for brands such as Motorola (cell phones), Skechers (shoes), Pepsi (lemonade), Candie's at Kohl's (fashion) or Elizabeth Arden (perfumes) . Privately, she is the mother of two sons (13 and 14 years old), divorced from husband number one (55 hours after marriage) and husband number two (after three years). But if you take it seriously, the 37-year-old is no longer in control of herself. Eleven years ago, she had to give up control of her life as a singer, economic powerhouse, advertising icon and private person on February 1, 2008 was incapacitated.

Trimmed as a world star as a child

Her career officially began in 1999 with her debut album "... Baby One More Time", which immediately shot to number one on the US Billboard charts. At that time she was not 18 years old - and already an old hand in showbiz. At the age of three, Spears was prepared for an entertainment career by her parents, primarily her mother, with gymnastics, dance and singing lessons. Little Britney won numerous competitions and children's talent shows, she played in a musical, was a member of the "Mickey Mouse Club", where she appeared with Justin Timberlake (38) and Christina Aguilera (38), among others.

“Spears is famously one of the oldest teen pop icons in terms of focus and determination at their age. Many 19 year olds haven't even worked while Britney [...] was a kid with a full-time career. While other little girls were putting posters on their room walls, Britney wanted the poster to be on the wall. While other children develop at their own pace, Britney was rushed through the market by the… American entertainment industry, ”writes the British“ Observer ”about the first phase of Britney Spears' life.

From top to bottom

It has paid a high price for this speed. Sometime in 2007, the artist's first breakouts came. The colorful papers wrote of "excessive party nights", then came the divorce from husband number two, the dancer Kevin Federline (41), a trained auto mechanic, to whom she had given the decisive career boost with her fame. A war over custody of their two sons Jayden James and Sean Preston ensued.

Then Britney Spears suffered a nervous breakdown. She had her bald head shaved. Because the singer did not want to give her two children to her ex-husband Kevin Federline on time, she barricaded herself with them in her mansion in Los Angeles. The court deprived her of the visitation rights for her sons, then, on the basis of a court order, she was admitted to the closed ward of a psychiatric clinic, according to the medical prescription 5150 for patients who pose a danger to themselves or others. Kevin Federline was given sole custody of Jayden and Sean.