May women have a large penis head

The penis question: How big does HE have to be for MAN to be good in bed?

Many years ago, I was the online alter ego of a popular porn actress. That means: I was paid to pretend to be her and answered guest book entries and personal messages on behalf of said lady. The fans turned to the actress with extremely intimate problems. Since then I have known that many men are preoccupied with this one question: Is the size of the penis important to women during sex? Or formulated differently and from a men's perspective: How tall does HE have to be so that I am good in bed? (Also Read: The Optimal Penis Size For A Female Orgasm - A Survey Clarifies)

From a purely technical point of view, good sex does not require a penis at all on the female side. Women today can buy phallic toys of all sizes, thicknesses and colors. They even vibrate, and which human penis can do that? We especially love vibrators and dildos with small feelers and arms that pamper our clitoris. Because, and finally I get to the point: A large part of the female world does not come to its climax through vaginal penetration, as the porn industry and all the big brothers of this world have wanted you to believe for years. Most women come through clitoral affection and this is best accomplished with nimble fingers and gentle tongues.

Some women need it big

Still, women love penises. Because they are so beautiful and stately and we like to touch them and put them in our mouths. And because the feeling of merging into one another is priceless, animalistic and romantic at the same time. But it is a question of type which penis length and thickness the respective lady prefers. Let's not avoid the bush: some women need it big. Because otherwise they don't feel adequately filled. Other women, on the other hand, cannot accommodate a large penis due to their anatomy and are happy and satisfied with small to medium-sized ones. They don't believe how many women cannot enjoy sex with their partner because their penis is too big for them and their penetration is painful. A tragic situation for both sides and difficult to resolve.

So my first tip is: Be happy with what nature has given you. You are exactly right. Then look for a woman with whom everything fits. Also down below. Find a partner who appreciates and enjoys her physical advantages, regardless of whether you are S, M, L or XXL built.

My second tip goes like this: Don't get stuck on the question of penis length. Enjoy sex with your dream woman or your sweet tinder date, let yourself go and give her a good time in bed - with your hands, fingers, lips and your tongue. The practicality: All of these things are naturally the perfect size.

Mimi Erhardtis a sex columnist for and author of the book “Erlebnispornographie” (which you can order here).Herelearn more about the author.