R L Stine still writes books

R.L. Stine


Robert Lawrence Stine was born on October 8, 1943 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. After leaving school, he enrolled at Ohio State University, which he left with a Bachelor of Art (BA) degree. He then worked as a teacher before starting to write books. For ten years he was also the editor of ‘Bananas’, a humorous magazine for young people in the USA. In addition, he is still the scriptwriter for a TV show for children called ‘Eureeka’s Castle’. In his spare time he enjoys swimming and watching old movies. Today he lives with his wife Jane and son Matthew not far from Central Park in New York.

Stine has published over 100 books for children and teenagers that are fun, full of adventure and mystery. He loves writing for young people because he gets feedback from them. He remembers a letter from a boy who - while reading one of Stine's books - laughed so loudly that his parents rushed into the room to see what had happened. That makes him proud, Stine replied to the boy.

Later he focused more on thrillers for children and teenagers and is very successful with it. He has now sold more than 90 million books. And yet it is so that many adults do not know him. - In 1995 he wrote his first adult book: Another horror story, of course.

R. L. Stine also writes under the pseudonyms: Eric Affabee, Zachary Blue, Jovial Bob Stine.