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Capsule Wardrobe: Every man needs these parts for his minimalist wardrobe

How does a capsule wardrobe work?

Every man should have perfect basic wardrobe items, regardless of the season and the trend. We are talking about basics that you will wear for years - a so-called Capsule Wardrobe. This contains timeless classics that generate perfect outfits on their own, but also help to implement certain trends. For example, if you want to follow the current trend of lapel shirts, it makes sense to have a good range of trousers on hand that complement these trend pieces - but can also be worn with other tops and trends at the same time. (Also Interesting: 5 Signs That You Should Sort Out Your Clothes)

Quality and minimalism: what belongs in a capsule wardrobe?

The most important thing when planning a capsule wardrobe is selection. So stylistically, these should all be very simple and reduced pieces that you can't get enough of. This does not mean that prints and patterns are forbidden, but then only in classic shapes (stripes, checks, dots) and only to a limited extent. With a little more Minimalism in the wardrobe you can also make the day-to-day styling of outfits easier (more on this below in our self-test).

Minimalism - such as through all-black outfits - is crucial in a good capsule wardrobe

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The aspect that is at least as important is quality. A capsule wardrobe should last for many years and look good. So you shouldn't be afraid to invest a little more money than usual. High quality fashion If stored properly and cared for correctly, it will last for many years - and is therefore also essential more sustainable as cheap fashion. The long lifetime will save you money in the long term. Because instead of buying a new cashmere sweater every winter, you will probably wear the more expensive one for several seasons. A capsule wardrobe is good for the environment and your wallet - regardless of yours Clothing style. (Read here: Clearing out the wardrobe: fashion expert reveals the best 7 tips)

What do I really need in my closet?

If we from Basics speak, we mean that too. You will certainly already have many of these items in your wardrobe. Simply tick off what you already own or, alternatively, consider which pieces it actually makes sense to buy a new, higher quality one.

Investments are worthwhile: In a capsule wardrobe, not only the highlights such as leather jackets should be of very good quality

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Capsule Wardrobe 2021: The shopping list in ten categories

  1. 1

    Solid color t-shirts in black, white, gray and navy
  2. 2

    Black and white shirts
  3. 3

    Casual shirts (flannel, button-down, denim, polo)
  4. 4

    Suits in navy and black
  5. 5

    Jeans in blue and black + chinos in navy, gray and beige
  6. 6

    Knitwear and plain colored sweats (cardigan, round neck sweater, turtleneck, hoodie, sweatshirt)
  7. 7

    Between-seasons jackets (denim jacket, leather jacket, blouson or college jacket)
  8. 8

    Wool or cashmere coat in black, gray or beige
  9. 9

    Black loafers and plain Chelsea boots
  10. 10

How many parts do you need for a capsule wardrobe?

How exactly you divide these ten categories depends on your preferences and needs. While a single suit is completely sufficient for many men, it looks very different in certain professional fields. There it makes sense to have several suits and to reduce the number of casual shirts.

No matter if business, casual or for events: Often only a small number of items of clothing is enough to combine numerous looks

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You will get along with around 30 pieces in your wardrobe (regardless of the division). Does that sound like too little? We have started the self-experiment. (Also: 5 very good reasons for second-hand fashion)

Self-test capsule wardrobe: Are 30 pieces of clothing really enough?

There are just as many treasures as corpses in a fashion editor's wardrobe. Because everyone knows: trends come regularly, but they also tend to disappear after a few months. And if you want to be prepared for a comeback, you don't throw away a lot and hope to be well equipped again in a few years. In the course of life, this excess really gets out of hand - to the extent that, statistically speaking, people have more than 100 items of clothing in their closets, but only 20% of them actually wear them (regularly). We therefore put ourselves to the self-test (wearing only 30 items of clothing for 30 days) and came to the following result:

Advantages: Do you often stand in front of a full wardrobe and feel like you have nothing to wear? We know this problem all too well and can confirm that the less you have in your closet, the easier and faster you will make a decision. A seemingly limited selection makes styling a lot easier and promotes creativity at the same time. Because even with a small capsule wardrobe, sooner or later you will discover (and try out) new combination options that may not be obvious with your current clothing style, but which look really good. In addition, you will quickly notice which eye-catching pieces you really miss in the minimalist wardrobe.

For more joy in the morning: With a capsule wardrobe you will dress faster and more efficiently

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Disadvantage: Amazingly few. Of course, such a restricted routine can cause a bit of fashion fatigue - and you obviously won't get by with just 30 items in your closet your entire life. But you will quickly notice which extras and goodies are really important. For example, you may find that a single pair of jeans is more than enough, but you need a much larger selection of t-shirts and shirts.

The best basics and must-haves for a capsule wardrobe 2021

You can actually implement a capsule wardrobe with almost any fashion label, because you will find classics and minimalism in (almost) every label. Nevertheless, we have a few secret addresses ready that you may not yet know. Above all, the relationship between price and performance is right here, because you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to buy really good, high-quality and beautiful fashion.


One of our current favorite brands for timeless fashion and high-quality basics is ascetic. The Swedish label focuses on reduced design and actually does everything right. Fair prices, transparency in production (with almost 90% of all parts, you can follow the path from the cultivation of the raw materials to the finished garment step by step) and no compromises when it comes to the Quality and fit

Then the special thing about Ascetic is the variety of sizes. In contrast to other labels, in addition to the five standard sizes (XS-XL), you can also order every part in the versions “Short”, “Regular” and “Long”. Practical for everyone in between sizes, for example someone who needs a T-shirt the length of a medium model but prefers the width of a large shirt. In this gallery we show you ten essentials from the Asket range that belong in every wardrobe.

Filippa K

If you are looking for smart fashion pieces for Business casual looking for, one arrives Filippa K not over. The Scandinavian label, which was founded in 1993, manages every season to design looks and outfits that are functional and that Minimalism are very reminiscent of the 1990s, but look super modern at the same time.

This aesthetic is also responsible for the long durability of fashion: In addition to a really high-quality workmanship, it is the timeless look that actually means nothing in the collections will ever go out of style. They are simply clothes that will outlive any trend. Business casual - but please not boring. In this gallery we show you 10 cool business casual essentials with which you will always shine.