What are examples of computer science projects

2019 - Sustainable Computer Science Degree Projects - Grade 10 - 2019


Sustainable information project for the oral English exam

The oral test is the test that requires the most courage from the student. So that the students can go to the exam with more confidence and confidence, we have created three English dialogues as part of the computer science class. The task was to create something sustainable for our school. Because we are currently in the “hot exam phase”, the idea came to us straight away. We all agreed that we are most afraid of the oral English test. And want all candidates after us to be able to go to the oral exam in a relaxed manner.

We wish all students after us the best of luck with their exams and hope that our dialogues helped you prepare for the oral English exam.

By Alina, Richard, Sarah, Kitty and Isabella


Sustainable information project - occupational health and safety in chemistry classes

In our "Occupational Safety in Chemistry" video, we would like to give the new chemistry students an initial insight into the risks of chemistry lessons and bring them closer to the occupational safety and health that is necessary for this.

Our little video is intended to provide information and instruction using pictograms and example representations in combination with spoken explanations.
Sustainability was very important to us when planning our project and our film, because it can be used in a variety of ways in chemistry classes and is timeless.

A project by: Felix, Johann, Leon, Marcel, Max B. and Max K.


Sustainable information project - video about normal everyday school life in the Weixdorf secondary school

That's how it works with us!
Some of the students in the final class of 2019 have developed a sustainability project in their computer science class.
The basic idea was to give new students a glimpse into our school life.
In this short film, not only historical information but also everyday events at the school are conveyed.

Chaos in the kitchen - it doesn't have to be ...

We actually have a well-equipped and great student kitchen for WTH lessons in our school. But there is often a bit of chaos in the kitchen. There are plenty of cupboards with kitchen accessories at the four cooking stations. Actually, the same utensils should be found in the same place from and after the cook in every cupboard. But that's where the problem usually begins. In which cupboard were the pots and where was the mixer?
Keeping things tidy and tidy is not that difficult - said an IT team from grade 10 to themselves. They developed a system of pictograms to mark the cupboards in the student kitchen. First of all, there were agreements with the WTH teachers. Then the first sketches were made and a uniform frame designed for all pictograms. A uniform color code was agreed for the sign, which was based on a color in the school. After the final artwork of all the pictograms, the system was adjusted in terms of arrangement, size and line thickness. The result is really great.
So you know where everything has its right place.
After cooking, the students still have to do the right things themselves :).