What are some nicknames for Joseph


Name meaning

Joseph or in the more modern spelling Josef is a male given name with biblical roots. The name, which is very popular around the world and spread in many variants, means "YHWH add", where YHWH is the name of God. The name is also often interpreted as “God may add a son”.

The story of Joseph, the 11th son of Jacob, is one of the oldest surviving stories and can be found in various religious records. Joseph can be found in the Tanach (the holy scriptures of Judaism), in the Old Testament (based on the Tanach) and in the Arabic variant Yusuf in the Koran (inspired by the Archangel Gabriel).

Joseph, Jacob's favorite son, was sold by his brothers to Egypt, where, however, with God's help, he became Pharaoh's advisor. Faced with years of drought, his brothers came to Egypt many years later but did not recognize Joseph. He tested his brothers and ultimately forgave them. Joseph is considered to be the progenitor of Israel. Because of his firm faith and his pious and thoughtful actions, Joseph is regarded as a model for the Jesus story in the New Testament. The earthly father of Jesus and husband of Mary was also named Joseph.

Due to the old age and religious background, there are now countless country and language-specific variants of Joseph as well as of the female form Josefa. Here are just a few examples:
* Beppo, Sepp, Sepperl, Peppi, Pepi, Jupp, Josel, Sipp, Josi (short forms)
* José, Pepe, Pepino (Spanish)
* Jose, Jo, Joe (English)
* Joséphe (French)
* Giuseppe, Beppe (Italian)
* Josip (Slavic)
* Josif, Iosif, Osip (Russian)
* Jozef (Polish)
* Jozsef (Hungarian)
* Yussuf (Persian)

Among the numerous name bearers there were some very special personalities, who in turn are honored on the now numerous name days. Joseph of Egypt (son of Jacob) is honored on December 11th. And Joseph of Nazareth (foster father of Jesus) is celebrated on March 19th.

In addition to the many clergymen, there are also some secular rulers who bore these traditional names, such as Joseph II (1741-1790), the son and heir to the throne of Empress Maria Theresia or Joseph Haydn, a famous Austrian composer. But well-known people such as Stalin, Goebbels or Mengele also had the first name Joseph or Josef.