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First place goes to the brain jogging app from NeuroNation. This memory training is not only available for Android, but also for iOS and Windows Phone. With more than 7 million members, the app is very popular and highly praised. But what makes it so special? Well, first there is the individual support and the scientific background. With the help of an adapted training plan for each individual user, mental fitness can be sustainably improved. Logic and arithmetic skills are promoted through logic puzzles and IQ tasks. And the exercises are also fun. According to customer reviews, concentration increases as the level of difficulty varies. The first successes should be recorded after just 4 weeks. Conclusion: This app is something to be used over a longer period of time and not just in between. Scientists from the Free University of Berlin and the TU Dortmund have confirmed the sustainability of the app. The basic idea is that the brain can be trained and promoted as a muscle. The only downside is the price of each task package. In its raw state, the app is free of charge and already contains 6 different exercises. But if you want more, you have to dig deep into your pocket. According to users, the money is worth it, but many would like a student or trainee tariff. A lot has to be offered for € 13.99 a month and € 84.99 a year.

Fit Brains Trainer

For those who speak English, the Fit Brain Trainer is an interesting option. With a total of over 4 million downloads and a good rating, the app is one of the most popular brain training programs on iTunes and in the PlayStore. It is designed in such a way that it adapts individually to the user and reacts flexibly to configurations. With more than 50 different games and 500 workouts you have a lot of possibilities to challenge your brain. The different levels and stories, which do not let the app get boring, are praiseworthy. Statistics and analyzes are created daily so that you can track your progress. Fit Brains Trainer was developed under the direction of Dr. Nussbaum and some neuroscientists so that success can be guaranteed. The individual games and tasks are carefully selected and are permanently updated by the app's designers. The app can be purchased free of charge in the PlayStore and iTunes. However, it is possible to take out a subscription, which costs € 8.99 a month and € 44.99 a year. Anyone willing to pay this fee can expect a well-tested training program. Whether the money is worth it is up to you. According to customer reviews, the Fit Brains memory training app is definitely worth the money.


As a recommendation of the editors, Peak can be found in the PlayStore and on iTunes. The app has recorded over 1 million downloads. A very fun memory training app. With over 30 different games, the performance can be checked and analyzed. So the level of difficulty is adjusted. Statistics and analyzes are created to provide a better overview of the progress. These are determined with the help of peak points that you get by mastering tasks. The aim is to improve mental agility, language and problem-solving skills. Long-term use certainly makes sense here too, but the games can also put you in a good mood every now and then. Warning: the word puzzles require a creative vocabulary. Like many other apps, this one is based on research and science. This is particularly emphasized by the developers. Tested by neurologists and academics, solid results are guaranteed. Peak is completely free and has a lot to offer in and of itself. But just like with other apps, you can also upgrade to a Pro account. However, the price for the monthly subscription is relatively high. € 4.99 a month and € 34.99 a year is too expensive for many. Of course, everyone can decide for themselves, but the user judgment is rather skeptical. Therefore, only third place goes to this memory training app.


Lumosity is a scientifically developed program available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It is a daily workout that is used regularly by over 70 million people. The numerous good to very good ratings are extremely promising. The app contains 25 different games that promote and develop cognitive skills. Since the difficulty adapts individually, you will be challenged again and again. A lot of attention is required here and sustainability is guaranteed. So it is worth investing more time in this app if you want to increase your concentration. The scientific aspect is very important here, but this can be well hidden by the interesting level designs. In addition to the tried and tested neuropsychological tasks, experimental challenges are also built into the app. This in turn serves to research new areas of cognition. The scientists themselves also have access to the game and are constantly developing it. Since a base price would not be profitable for the developers, Lumosity relies on the subscription system. According to customer reviews, this memory training app is worthwhile, but the monthly fee of € 11.99 is a deterrent for many prospective users. Despite the free download, you have to register at the beginning. So if you are looking for a game for in between, you should look elsewhere.


Memorado should not be missing from the list of the best brain jogging apps. Over 4 million members are convinced. What makes this app stand out is the new duel mode, in which you can compete against your friends. The workouts for the head are individualized and can be configured according to your own wishes. The app is easy to use and has great graphics. The focus in the exercises is on memory, logic, reaction and the pace of work. 15 different games are available here with numerous levels. Statistics are developed from the results, which should show one's own progress. Longer use is recommended due to the subscription system. Here, too, science is the basis of success. The developers make it clear that neuroscientists brought the app up to date with the latest science. The games are designed to specifically train cognitive skills and IQ. Three exercises are offered daily free of charge. As with almost all brain training apps, the rest remains hidden from the free user. The basic version is therefore free of charge, but premium membership is recommended. 74% faster improvement is promised here. Whether this is worth it remains to be seen, as the subscription is quite expensive. A fixed base price would be desirable, since € 7.99 a month for 10 exercises seems a lot. However, as always, that is up to you.

Einstein brain training

As the name suggests, memory is trained in a playful way with the help of a little Albert Einstein. This paid memory training app is available for Android and iOS. It has had over 10,000 downloads and numerous positive reviews. There are four different categories from which the user can choose: logic, memory, arithmetic and vision. The 30 specially developed brain stimulation exercises are explained by Einstein and his funny assistant Robo, a little robot. The scientific background to each individual task is also explained. You can even play with multiple players on one device. Access to the high score list is also possible through an online connection. Daily use is recommended as this is the only way to guarantee sustainable improvement. The exercises were carried out in collaboration with the Industry University Research Project by Professor Dr. Kawashima developed. Dr. Kawashima is a well-known neuroscientist and Alzheimer's researcher. Einstein's brain training costs € 2.99 in the PlayStore and € 4.99 on iTunes and is available in many languages. According to users, the type of memory training is motivating and the one-time base price is worthwhile. There is also a free version. The potential of the exercises is shown here on a small scale. However, this serves more as a foretaste of the full version.

Brain trainer

The developer, Steffen Goldfuss, wrote this app for the Android system. With just over 100,000 downloads, the Brain Trainer is one of the most popular pastimes when it comes to brain jogging. However, this is not about a training program, but rather about daily fun. The app contains 13 different games. The questions asked are concentration, reaction, short-term memory and cognition. With the help of the statistics function you can see and control your own progress. In addition, there are brainpoints that you earn by solving the tasks. So you can compare your performance and development with that of other players. Of course, this app is also based on science. The selection of the games was made with the help of the latest psychological and neural knowledge, so that progress and sustainable success can be guaranteed. Unlike other memory training apps, the Brain Trainer is more something for in between and does not have the flair of continuous training. The app is free of charge and does not require a subscription as it is financed by advertising. However, this does not impose itself on the user and the advertising banners are discreet. According to customer reviews, the app is fun and a great way to train your brain for free. It keeps its promises and there are no hidden costs. So if this type of training is enough for you, the Brain Trainer is a good choice.

Eidetic - Spacing Effect

A popular English language app is Eidetic. For many users one of the best apps available for free download on iTunes. Short-term memory is trained with the help of a special technique. This is about remembering phone numbers or dates. The app is also made practical for learning vocabulary. Different levels of difficulty promote the brain over a longer period of time. For example, if you have to memorize something as quickly as possible, you can limit the period to one day and the app adjusts the training. Other time limit options are two weeks and 1 month. A simple but well-tried technique is used to improve memory. The users swear by the sustainability and progress that the app brings. You will be queried at regular intervals and reliably guided to success. The phenomenon that is used here to train long-term memory is called the "spacing effect". This memory training app can be purchased free of charge from iTunes. There is also a Pro version for € 2.99. It is therefore a good recommendation for schoolchildren and students to bring their vocabulary training to peak performance. And it's certainly not bad if you have your phone number in your head.

Elevate - Brain Training

With over 1 million downloads, Elevate is a very popular English language brain training app. To increase concentration and mental processing speed, over 30 different games are available here, which aim at precision, arithmetic and comprehension. Statistics are used to monitor and analyze performance so that you are able to monitor your own progress. Thanks to the flexible settings, you can decide in which area you need the most funding. This also adjusts the level of difficulty so that the tasks don't become too easy. A nice feature is the training calendar, in which you can check which successes you have achieved and when. Elevate's games and exercises are developed in collaboration with experts in the fields of cognitive learning theory and neuroscience. It is strongly emphasized that the whole idea of ​​the app is based on scientific research. In order to guarantee optimal performance, the games focus on individual categories from which the user can choose. Elevate is available free of charge in the PlayStore and on iTunes. However, Elevate Pro is also available for € 3.99 a month. As always, it is up to you whether the upgrade is worthwhile. According to customer reviews, however, the app is worth 4.5 stars and is definitely one of the top 10 memory training apps.

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness is a personalized brain training program that puts focus and attention first. The app stands out due to its very good reviews and customer reviews. If you register at the beginning, you can play 4 games for free. You get points for completed tasks, so-called neurons, with which you can challenge other players. Otherwise, however, you can also play single games. In addition, personalized analyzes are created so that you have control over your progress. As soon as you have taken out a subscription, you get access to all features. The exercises and techniques in the app have been scientifically tested to develop optimal brain training. Designed by neuroscientists, the program offers the prospect of lasting success. All exercises and procedures of CogniFit have been continuously checked under scientific supervision and published in many scientific journals. The first download of the app is free from the PlayStore and iTunes, but requires a one-time registration. If you want access to the full version, you have to take out a subscription, which costs € 19.99 per month. This price is too high for many prospective users, who therefore prefer to use cheaper apps. What makes the app so special? Finding out is up to you.

Our recommendations for memory training apps