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Every year, the majority of the bird species native to us go on a risky journey south. Storks, cranes, robins and Co. leave their traditional territories to spend the winter in warmer climes. The greatest dangers on their way are not wind and weather, but people. Every year around the Mediterranean Sea, 25 million migratory birds are shot or caught with nets and liming rods. And mostly illegally. Many endangered species are dying so painfully on the coasts of Egypt, Malta or Cyprus.

With your help we can change this intolerable situation. Your donation from the in-app purchase enables us to protect rest areas at critical points, to promote environmental education in the respective countries or to intensify our public relations work.

Our migratory birds need protection

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The Mediterranean area is one of the world's most critical points of bird migration. Every year 25 million migratory birds are shot here or caught with liming rods and nets. These figures, from a study by BirdLife International, make consistent action necessary - because poaching in countries such as Egypt, Cyprus or Malta has an impact on European breeding populations.

A stubborn commitment is required to permanently protect migratory birds on their journey around the Mediterranean. The fight against hunting associations and lobby groups is no less challenging than that against poachers. Short-term action is not very promising at this point. For more than thirty years, NABU has been campaigning for the protection of migratory birds with long-term projects on site.

In Malta we organize bird protection camps with our partner BirdLife, in Cyprus we secure safe and food-rich resting places by leasing land. We carry out environmental education and public relations work on site, inform authorities and governments about grievances and work together with local police forces.

More information about our work to protect migratory birds in the Mediterranean can be found here: Pflanzen/voegel/zugvogelschutz/aeggypt/index.html Pflanzen/voegel/zugvogelschutz/malta/index.html Pflanzen/voegel/zugvogelschutz/z├╝sten/index.html

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