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Conclusion of an exception agreement

In addition to the aforementioned states, there are no agreements between the Federal Republic of Germany and other states not mentioned here in the field of social security. Therefore, no exception agreements can be made.

In this case, with regard to the compulsory insurance in the statutory health, long-term care, pension, unemployment and accident insurance, only the domestic German regulation on broadcasting is relevant (ยง 4 SGB IV). This also applies to states with which there are agreements for the branches of social security not covered by the agreement.

For the branches of statutory health, care, pension and employment promotion, the relevant check is the responsibility of the previously responsible collection agency (health insurance company). For the branch of statutory accident insurance, this assessment must be carried out by the responsible accident insurance institution.

However, if the provisions for the continued application of German law in the above branches of insurance are met, this does not exclude the fact that existing statutory provisions relating to social security in the country of employment must also be taken into account. This can lead to double insurance in one or more classes of insurance. This also applies to the branches of social security not covered by the social security agreements.

Therefore, please contact the respective above-mentioned competent authorities to check whether you are required to have insurance or if you are eligible for insurance for the period of deployment in countries with which Germany does not have an agreement on social security or for the areas of social security not covered by the respective agreement. These offices can also provide you with information about possible future insurance or voluntary continued insurance.

To take out private health insurance abroad, you can contact the Association of Private Health Insurance e.V., PO Box 51 10 40, 50946 Cologne (see also