Did Barack Obama ever visit Antarctica?

Has Obama secretly visited Antarctica?

In March 2016, President Obama traveled to Argentina. The alleged trip to Antarctica is believed to have taken place on Thursday, March 24, 2016, as President Obama left Buenos Aires, Argentina, to travel south.

The press schedule published in advance describes the schedule.

On Thursday the President will visit the Parque de la Memoria. In the afternoon the First Family leaves Buenos Aires and travels to Bariloche, Argentina. The first family will visit cultural sites in Bariloche. In the evening the First Family will leave Bariloche and return to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later that evening, the First Family will be leaving Argentina on their way to Washington DC.

They were there. This trip was known in advance and there are pictures of them arriving in Bariloche and meeting the Argentine President that day.

The conspiracy theory is based on the fact that he disappears from the public without notice within that day so that he can fly to Antarctica. A flight that would have taken many hours each way. Not to mention the time it would have taken him to wander to this mysterious gate. That is implausible.

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Please indicate that (a) the 24. March was the day in question. (Was it on the video? I can't stand looking through this to check it out.) And (b) there are photos of the First Family in Bariloche on which your reasoning is based.


Week of the 21st is the only trip Obama has ever taken to Argentina as President.

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