How did difficult math like algebra come about

Written by Alex Birrer (Canton School Obwalden Sarnen), Werner Hartmann (former Canton School Baden)

The Munterbunt collection of exercises offers pupils and teachers access to a collection of mathematics exercises at upper secondary level (e.g. grammar schools or vocational schools). The tasks arose as part of the former web-based platform Munterbunt (Remo Meier, Sam Z├╝rcher, Raimond Reichert, Alex Birrer, Werner Hartmann, from 2001). The tasks and the associated solutions do not claim completeness or didactic balance, but rather serve pupils and teachers as a source of ideas and an opportunity to practice. The tasks are available free of charge for non-commercial use.

 Algebra (calculating with numbers, fractions, powers, logarithms, variables, calculating percentages and interest)PDF [184 KB] Linear and quadratic functionsPDF [251 KB] Power, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functionsPDF [164 KB] Trigonometric functionsPDF [178 KB] Sequences and series (basic terms, iteration and recursion, arithmetic and geometric sequences and series, financial mathematics)PDF [186 KB] Flat geometry (basics, similarity and proportions, triangle calculations, circle calculations, angular masses and coordinate systems)PDF [216 KB] Spatial geometryPDF [115 KB] Analytical geometry / vector geometry (basic terms, representation of geometric objects [straight line, plane, sphere], spatial triangle)PDF [288 KB] Linear algebra (dynamic systems, vectors and matrices, mapping geometry)PDF [182 KB] Analysis differential calculusPDF [394 KB] Analysis of integral calculusPDF [222 KB] Differential equationsPDF [178 KB] Analysis of Matur / Abitur tasksPDF [197 KB] Complex numbers and functions (basic concepts, operations with complex numbers, complex functions and maps)PDF [142 KB] CombinatoricsPDF [144 KB] probabilityPDF [314 KB]