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India - Assam - Nagaland - Tribal Cultures of Northeast India

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The little-traveled states of northeast India - located between Bhutan, Tibet, Myanmar and Bangladesh - are connected to the rest of the country via a narrow land corridor. This tour gives you deep insights into a previously unknown India - you visit remote ethnic groups and cross a varied landscape. On safari in Kaziranga National Park you will encounter the endangered Indian rhinos and other rare animal species up close. Take the ferry to Majuli - the largest inhabited river island in the world with an everyday life dominated by Hindu monasteries. The Mishing live here, among others. You experience the everyday life of the hospitable people, are invited by families and have the opportunity to ask questions directly. You will meet the locals most intensely at a traditional festivity. For the special travel date in February you will experience two festivals: the Karbi Youth Festival in Diphu and the Sekrenyi Festival in Tuophema. A spectacular highlight in November is the Hornbill Festival in Kohima. All 16 ethnicities of Nagaland travel to this major event and present traditional costumes, rituals and dances while mighty log drums are beaten. When you travel in March, visit the Apatani Myoko Festival in Ziro.

India - Assam - Nagaland - Tribal Cultures of Northeast IndiaIndia - Assam - Nagaland - Tribal Cultures of Northeast India


Day 1: Arrival in India

Flight to Delhi.

Day 2: Arrival in Delhi - Guwahati - Kaziranga National Park (A)

Arrive in Delhi early in the morning. Connecting flight to Guwahati. Pick-up from the airport and drive along the Brahmaputra upstream to the Kaziranga National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Arrival in the afternoon. The national park is 430 km² and was founded in 1974 to protect the endangered Indian rhinoceros. The rest of the day you can relax from the journey surrounded by the lush greenery of the national park. Overnight at the resort. (Travel time approx. 5 hours, 220 km).

Day 3: Kaziranga National Park (B / L / D)

Early in the morning elephant safari and rhino stalking. Lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon you go on a 4x4 safari. From a lookout tower you have the chance to spot different species of animals. Overnight at the resort.

Day 4: Kaziranga National Park - Diphu (Karbi Youth Festival) (B / L / D)

Drive to Diphu. Upon arrival check-in at the hotel. In the afternoon you experience the first hours of the Karbi Youth Festival. At this festival, the Karbi celebrate their cultural heritage with dancing, singing, traditional sports competitions, ornate clothing and food. It is the largest and oldest folk festival in Northeast India. Representatives of other ethnic groups such as the Bodos, Dimasas, Kukis, Nepalese or Nagas can also be found at this festival. Overnight at hotel. (Travel time approx. 4.5 hours, 190 km).

Day 5: Diphu (Karbi Youth Festival) (B / L / D)

The whole day is at your disposal to take part in the Karbi Youth Festival. Overnight as the day before.

Day 6: Diphu - Jorhat - Majuli (B / L / D)

Drive to Jorhat and take the ferry to Majuli for about an hour. The ferry crossing on the Brahmaputra is a special experience. During the trip you can watch water birds or possibly the ganges dolphin. The late afternoon on the Majuli river island is at your leisure. In the evening a traditional Assamese dinner awaits you. Overnight in simple private accommodation. (Travel time approx. 4.5 hours, 160 km).

Day 7: Majuli (B / L / D)

Today you will explore the beautiful river island Majuli. It is one of the religious and cultural centers of Assam and houses the most important Hindu Vaishnava monasteries. In one of these monasteries you will learn more about the life and everyday life of the monks. A simple lunch is served in the temple. You will then be initiated into the secrets of traditional pottery (without a turntable) and the making of ritual masks. Overnight as the day before.

Day 8: Majuli - Jorhat - Mon (B / L (LB) / D)

Drive to the ferry terminal. You take the ferry across the Brahmaputra (approx. 1.5 hours). This crossing with the locals will also be an exciting experience. Drive to the village of Mon in Nagaland. On the way you visit one of the highest Shiva temples in India, the Shivadol, in Sibsagar. Overnight in a simple hotel. (Travel time approx. 5.5 hours, 160km).

Day 9: Mon - Wanching village - Mon (B / L (LB) / D)

In the morning drive to the Konyak village of Wanching. In the village you will meet the locals and learn a lot about everyday life and the customs of the Konyak. Return to Mon in the afternoon. Overnight stay as the day before. (Travel time approx. 3 hours, 66 km).

Day 10: Mon - Jorhat (B / L / D)

In the first half of the day you explore Mon and the surrounding area. Later, drive through the hilly landscape from Nagaland to Jorhat. Overnight in the hotel (travel time approx. 5.5 hours, 160 km).

Day 11: Jorhat - Dimapur - Khonoma (B / L / D)

Drive to Khonoma village. On the way, visit the 10th century Kachari ruins in Dimapur. The village of Khonoma is beautifully elevated between terraced fields and is known, among other things, for its role in the resistance against the British colonial administration in the late 19th century. Later, a traditional Angami dance performance awaits you, which will be performed in honor of your visit to the village. Overnight in homestay. (Travel time approx. 5 hours, 190 km).

Day 12: Khonoma (B / L / D)

You will spend the whole day in Khonoma. Those who wake up early can experience the everyday life of the villagers in the early hours of the morning. The village was once the last bastion of the Naga warriors in the fight against the British invaders. Today Khonoma is known for its craftsmanship, especially for the intricately hand-woven bamboo baskets. The real beauty of Khonoma lies in the love and affection the people have for their village. All generations strive to maintain the traditions and customs and to preserve the village, as well as the rich flora and fauna surrounding it, as a habitat. This makes Khonoma unique among the Angami villages of Nagaland. Later in the evening, experience the preparation of a delicious traditional Naga dinner. Overnight in homestay.

Day 13: Khonoma - Tuophema / Kohima (Sekrenyi Festival) (B / L / D)

After an early breakfast they set off for Tuophema or Kohima. This is where the Angami Nagas' Sekrenyi Festival takes place. The state government sometimes decides at short notice whether the festival will be held in Kohima or Tuophema. however, the two places are only an hour's drive away from each other. The aim of the festival is a ritual cleansing of the body and soul as well as the whole village and the community. Associated with this are initiation rituals that mark the beginning of adolescence into adulthood. There are ritual sacrificial ceremonies, ablutions and chants that have to take place according to traditional guidelines. Overnight in a simple hotel in Tuophema or Kohima, depending on the location of the festival. (Travel time approx. 2.5 hours, 60 km).

Day 14: Tuophema / Kohima (Sekrenyi Festival) (B / L / D)

The whole day is at your disposal to take part in the Sekrenyi Festival. Overnight as the day before.

Day 15: Tuophema / Kohima - Dimapur - Delhi (B)

After an early breakfast transfer to Dimapur Airport and flight back to Delhi via Calcutta. You will be received in Delhi. In a restaurant not far from the airport you can enjoy your farewell dinner and review your experiences of the last 2 weeks. Later in the evening you will be transferred to the international airport for your flight home. (Travel time approx. 2.5 hours, 76 km).

Day 16: Departure

Return flight.


  • Tour for India connoisseurs and explorers
  • Indian rhinos in Kaziranga NP
  • Diverse ethnic groups in Assam and Nagaland
  • Visit to the monastery on the river island of Majuli
  • Appointment with Karbi Youth Festival and Sekrenyi Festival
  • Insights into the everyday life of the ethnic groups


Average physical fitness and surefootedness are required for the walks (on average 2-3 km) to and in the villages. Please be prepared for long journeys and simple accommodation. The road situation in regions that are difficult to access can often be very bad. A willingness to sacrifice comfort is also essential for this trip.

Further information:

When visiting the villages, your camera shouldn't be the first thing the residents see of you, but your friendly face. Of course, you can take a lot of pictures. However, we ask for your respectful attention to the respective situation. In the case of portraits, it is best to briefly obtain the consent of the person concerned. A smile and a friendly point at the camera are often enough. Please be friendly and respectful towards people.DIAMIR Privatebookable from 3490 EUR, daily from 2 people, English-speaking tour guide


In Majuli it is not always possible to provide enough single rooms if the demand is high. In this case, single-sex travelers can share a single room with twin beds. Of course, we will inform you in advance whether your single room booking is possible at all locations.

Included in the tour price

  • Scheduled flight from / to Frankfurt with Lufthansa or another airline in economy class including tax and fuel surcharges (as of 1.8.16)
  • DIAMIR - tour guide
  • Domestic flights Delhi - Guwahati and Dimapur - Delhi in economy class including tax and fuel surcharges (as of 1.8.16)
  • All journeys in private vehicles
  • All entrance fees and fees according to the program
  • All necessary special permits to enter Northeast India
  • 1 elephant safari and 1 off-road vehicle safari in Kaziranga National Park
  • Travel literature
  • 3 nights: Hotel in a double room
  • 6 nights: Hotel (simple)
  • 4 nights: private accommodation in a double room
  • Meals: 13 × F, 10 × M, 2 × M (LB), 13 × A

Not included in the tour price

Meals and drinks not mentioned; Visa (approx. 80 €); possibly airport charges in the country of travel; Photo and video permits in the NP, museums and monuments; possible increase in fees and / or kerosene surcharges after 1.8.16; Tips; Personal

Desired services

  • Rail & Fly (only valid when booking): € 40
  • Feeder flight from D / A / CH: € 0

  • Minimum number of participants: 7
  • Maximum number of participants: 12