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Crowdinvesting in Austria in 2020

Crowdinvesting in Austria 2020: Almost 80 million euros

Crowdinvesting has been a booming industry in Austria for many years. And even Covid-19 could not really stop the boom in collecting funds from the crowd in 2020.

Although the increase in the total volume in domestic (insightful) crowd investing in 2020 was "only" 20%: The records also tumbled in the corona year!

Over 79 million in crowdinvesting from portals in Austria

While in 2019 Austrian platforms raised an impressive 66.4 million euros through transparent crowdinvesting (the projects completed in the year are counted here), it was 79.78 million euros in 2020.

While there were 142 successful projects in 2019 (which made the respective minimum sums), this number rose to 162 successful fundings in 2020.

The lion's share of over 87% (69.64 million euros) was again due to the still popular crowd investing in real estate - in 2019 this was 82 percent.

130 successful projects for the financing of real estate projects contrasted with 32 successful fundings for start-ups of all kinds.

The volume of the "classic" crowd investing start-up projects fell from around EUR 12 million to just over EUR 10 million - however, a trend reversal can also be seen here. "Green" projects in particular have a good chance of crowdfunding in 2021 and in the following years!

With a volume of 23 million euros (via 43 projects), the last quarter of 2020 was the best crowdinvesting quarter to date - around 8 million euros are currently being invested in projects on the domestic portals that will successfully go out of funding at the beginning of 2021 become.

Rockets before Rendity and dagobertinvest

With EUR 74.08 million, the 3 largest portals collected around 93% of the total domestic crowdinvesting volume in 2020.

The Graz Rockets (Green Rocket, Home Rocket, Lion Rocket), Rendity and dagobertinvest pretty much dominate the crowd investing market and fight each year for the number 1 on the domestic crowd investing market.

As in 2019, the 3 Rockets portals were able to collect the highest annual sum in 2020: 26.54 million were distributed over 45 projects, in 2019 it was 24.01 million for 41 fundings.

In 2020, Rendity landed in second place: 24.48 million euros for 43 fundings are a massive increase compared to 2019, when 14.34 million euros (24 projects) were still enough for third place.

This year dagobertinvest landed in third place. Dagobertinvest is also able to celebrate a record year with 23.06 million collected (49 projects) and was able to significantly improve the previous year's result (19.86 million, 46 projects).

Behind it it is much quieter: Only Conda was able to exceed the million mark with 3.02 million euros (12 projects) and after quite a slack (formerly No. 1 in crowdfunding) it has recovered in 2020. In 2019 there were still 10 projects worth 2.68 million euros. In 2020, Conda also increasingly dedicated itself to brokering technology for other portals and real estate loans.

In the other places (all under 1 million euros): Recrowd,, Reval, Danube Angels, Crowd4Climate, Immofunding and Crowdfunding for the common good.

With Recrowd and Zinsquartier, 2 new real estate crowdinvesting portals were launched in 2020 and the Danube Angels are now conducting transparent funding.

For some smaller portals it was very quiet to very quiet - the market shakeout seems to be in full swing.

Crowdinvesting 2021 - a forecast

For 2021, too, Geldmarie is cautiously optimistic about the total amount of equity crowdfunding in Austria. However, it could be around 90 million euros in total with around 175 financed projects.

The development is of course very dependent on the success of real estate crowdinvesting: On the one hand, low interest rates and the flight to Betongold PRO speak for a favorable development, on the other hand, a more or less severe real estate crisis cannot be completely ruled out.

In addition, there will certainly be some defaults in real estate crowdinvesting in 2021 (currently a lot of projects are already behind schedule or at risk of failure) - this will then significantly dampen the desire of some (affected) and cautious investors (who now only look at the possible interest rates). Because savings books are certainly not investments of this kind - you should know that before investing ...

If there is no real estate crisis, record sums are likely to be possible again for 2021 - and "classic" corporate crowdinvesting could also gain some upturn in 2021. Especially since banks are currently very shy about risks and therefore make the crowd more attractive for start-ups.

A small "green wave" (e.g. energy topics are very popular with the crowd) could provide a further upswing in crowd investing here.

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Ad hoc announcement - December 2020