Who can call him an economist himself?

What does an economist do?

As an economist, you are an economist. Economics is generally divided into two major disciplines - business administration and economics. Economists cover the most diverse economic problems and solutions and deal with the most diverse economic processes. Your training is relatively broad, and your job opportunities are correspondingly diverse. As an economist, you mostly work in (private) business, for companies or in management consultancies. Another important employer are institutions in the public sector. There are job opportunities at public institutions as well as at national or international organizations, NGOs, interest groups, political parties or even at banks or insurance companies.

As an economist, you are not only concerned with economic issues, but also with Systems, institutions and actors. This means that you can also see your work in the context of political, social or cultural processes. But you also look at historical economic developments. How exactly your everyday working life looks like also depends on your job, which can be in the private or public sector, national or international. Accordingly, you can also specialize in a later field of work during your studies or give your training a certain orientation.

How do I become an economist?

You become an economist by doing a Study of economics graduate. There is a very large selection of different subjects that you can choose from in the Bachelor, Master- as well as in the doctoral program. In addition to general economics and Economy even more than that National economy, (International) Business administration, Political economy as well further interdisciplinary economics. In all subjects you will receive theoretical-technical as well as methodological-practical basics, deepening and specializations.


  • Great economic interest
  • Affinity with numbers
  • Analytical mindset
  • Communication skills
  • IT know-how
  • Knowledge of foreign languages

Detailed information on the disciplines


Business Economist (ILS)

ILS diploma | 28 months (part-time)

ILS - Institute for Learning Systems

Distance learning

Business Economist (SGD)

sgd diploma | 28 months (part-time)

sgd - Darmstadt Study Group

Distance learning

Distance learning