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Indescribable INDIA

"Indescribable India" was written on the coach that drove the 28 participants of the study trip to India from October 12th to 25th, 2018 under the direction of Father Matthäus Pazheevettil. “Indescribable India” - that is certainly also a possible summary of the diverse impressions of the two weeks; first in northern India (Dehli - Agra - Jaipur) and then in the southwest on the Arabian Sea in Kerala. With great commitment and heartfelt joy, our long-time chaplain enabled insights into this great country and encounters with many people, especially with Christians in his home town of Kerala. We were able to experience their valuable work, but also see the still visible traces of the heavy floods in August and the clearing and renovation work that had already been carried out. Here we will publish some experiences under the motto "Indescribable INDIA - Impressions of a journey" in loose succession and thus let the entire parish community participate a little.

We start with texts e.g. Partly from Indian personalities, which P. Matthäus has compiled in the booklet accompanying the trip



The study trip also led to the origins of Christianity in India in Kerala. The apostle Thomas is one of the twelve apostles who accompanied Jesus as friends and students. Born: Galilee, Israel; Died: AD 72, St. Thomas Mount, Ramapuram, India; Burial place: St. Thomas Basilica, Chennai (Madras), India.

The doctrine of the apostles, an early Christian script that was written around the year 250, contains the oldest written reference to Thomas' missionary activity in India. It is said there that he founded the Church in India and the surrounding areas.

In southern India, the constant tradition dating from apostolic times confesses to the apostle's missionary work there, the establishment of the first seven congregations on the Malabar coast and his martyrdom in Mailapur.

The church of Kodungalloor, which the group visited with Fr. Matthew, is the place in the once famous port city where St. Thomas landed according to tradition in the year 52 and it is one of the seven original communities of the apostle. A hand relic of the saint is venerated there, a gift from Pope Pius XII. on the 1900th anniversary of the arrival of St. Thomas in India.



On a houseboat trip in Alleppy / Kerala through the branched waterway network in the hinterland of the Malabar coast, which the Dutch made fertile (for rice cultivation), the travelers to India visited with Fr. Alleppy † Jan 3, 1871). He was a priest. Founder of the order, vicar general for the Syrian Catholic Thomas Christians of India, today's Syromalabar Church. Kuriakose Chavara was an ardent devotee of the Holy Eucharist, he was also a writer who wrote several books and a pioneer of Catholic press work. In 1846 he founded the first Catholic printing house in Mannanam under the name St. Josephs` Press in what is now Kerala, which was the first to publish in the local language Malayalam. The publishing house still exists today. In 1887 Chavara brought the largest Catholic daily newspaper in South India into being, the Nazrani Deepika, now Malayalam Deepika and the oldest currently existing daily newspaper in the Malayalam language.



The sightseeing program in the Indian capital Dehli also included the national memorial for the Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi (October 2, 1869 - died January 30, 1948). The so-called "great soul" fought for the peace of his compatriots without arms and violence. He changed the world by leading the Indians to independence in his country as well as in South Africa. Some quotes from this great personality:

"There is no way to peace, because peace is the way."

"Prayer is the key for the morning and the door bolt for the evening."

"There is no perfect achievement without prayer, without the clear realization that even the best human endeavor will not bear fruit unless it is followed by God's blessing."

"Truth is the goal and love is the way to get there."

"The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not for everyone's greed."

"The secret of a happy life is renunciation."

“If God dwells in everything that exists in the universe, if the scholar and the street sweeper are from God, then there is no one who is high and no one who is low, all are equal without restriction, they are equal because they are the creatures of that Creator. "



Also from Rabindranath Tagore (May 7, 1861 in Calcutta - August 7, 1941), the first Asian Nobel Prize winner, poet, philosopher, painter, composer and musician, P. Matthäus found some quotes:;.

“I slept and dreamed that life was joy. / I woke up and saw that life was duty. / I acted and, behold, duty is joy! Faith is the bird that sings when the night is still dark. "

“The gift of love cannot be given. It is waiting to be accepted. "

"Knowledge is precious to us because we will never have time to complete it."

"Life is a gift that we deserve by giving it."

It is evening. The sun goes down and darkness falls. The sun calls out loud and asks: “Who can bring a little light to the earth after my downfall?” - A little firefly replies: “I can do it. I can shed a little light on earth. "