Can I make money with poultry

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    How does that pay off?

    How does that pay off?
    In Portugal, 1 kg of corn meal costs 0.46 euros (5kg 2.30 euros)
    (Other chicken feed is even more expensive.)
    A chicken needs about 120 grams per day.
    The chicken feed costs at least 0.05 euros per chicken per day.
    How expensive are the eggs then?

    An egg in the supermarket costs 0.15 euros. And the chicken does not lay an egg every day, but needs feed, stable, hay, water every day ...)

    Something is wrong with the prices.
    In the supermarket, 1 kg of fine flour costs 0.39 euros and for inferior chicken feed you have to pay 0.46 euros in the shop or at the market.
    is chicken keeping a luxury game stuff for private individuals - or what's going on there.

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    Whole grains are usually more expensive, buy whole grains and grind them yourself.
    Corn is too fat anyway, wheat whole, what's the price?
    If you don't have a lot of chickens, you can also get "cheap stuff" from the supermarket. Get a bag of wholegrain oatmeal flour and cook a gruel. Soft lining covered. With 2x1.5 kg bags I get 45 chickens for 10 days. Datt swells enormously
    Portugal can the chickens look for food all year round or am I wrong?
    Wheat in the evening and that's it.
    Private chicken rearing is always more expensive than industrial rearing without self-cultivation. Who wants to voluntarily have industrial eggs when they can get the good ones from their own stable, where they know how keeping conditions / feed are.
    "Industrial chickens" go to animal feed when they no longer lay their eggs every day.

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    Small quantities are always much more expensive than large bags. And that's only logical. My opinion is that you should buy chicken feed (i.e. grain) in a hundredweight sack, then you only pay the hundredweight price.

    The more area the chickens have, the more food they can find for themselves!

    There are people who fetch huge quantities of the vegetables that are left over at the table or at the weekly markets and feed them to the chickens. Boxes full of lettuce, fruit, carrots. I've seen chickens being fed overripe honeydew melons. At least in Germany you get all of this for free. You just have to know how to get by. The chickens seem to like it.

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    Quote by Mariechen
    Small quantities are always much more expensive than large bags. And that's only logical. My opinion is that you should buy chicken feed (i.e. grain) in a hundredweight sack, then you only pay the hundredweight price.
    Where are there still hundredweight sacks?

    You should always buy grain in larger containers so that you have a supply for a few months, so you get better prices. A good source are, for example, farmers, who buy and store there right after the harvest. Whole grains last longer than a year.
    I always buy a ton at a time, I always negotiate the price with the mill beforehand and also get offers from other mills. But please don't change the feed so often, the chickens don't like that.
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    Hello Brihu,
    is there no agriculture in your area? If I only had to buy my feed in the store, it would be expensive eggs too. Look where there is still cattle farming, just ask there if they sell you grain.
    Greetings, Laura
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    Good Morning,

    Out of curiosity, I also roughly estimated the egg price:

    My seven chickens have feed costs of EUR 1, rounded up. Then it occurred to me that my eggs can only have daily prices, lay four eggs, then they cost at least 0.25 .-
    If they lay less, if there are fewer, the eggs gild until they cost nothing during the laying break because there are none.

    We almost only have our own consumption here, so I don't care about the costs, if I would sell they would not go below 35.-
    Path. And that's probably still a good price for the buyer.

    Yes, yes, I also know that I can feed expensive, but I like to do it.


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    Anyone who thinks that you can EARN money with poultry should look out for a hall
    hold 15,000 animals in it. If we are very lucky, the cost will break even, but most of the time you pay too much.
    Since I provide food for free, I actually always pay on it, but it should only be and remain a hobby.
    When I asked my wife what the cost of feed for her 60 canaries, she said quite correctly "If I have to worry about that,
    I'll get rid of the animals ". So far I've also given hens to people who were on the forum because I don't take money from people on principle
    I like but that changed quickly after meeting a person who I regret every day for getting to know you.
    Now only FRIENDS get animals from me and the rest goes to the animal exchange.
    Back at the price, they earn around 2-3 cents on the egg if you sell in large sticks, but that's what makes the bulk.

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