What does a good presentation mean?

8 tips for a perfect presentation: How to captivate your audience! [Video]

Some can hold presentations off the cuff, for others he is nakednessA nightmare to think about talking. But presentations are part of everyday job for many. Do you think you know what makes a good and interesting presentation? Perhaps the following video introduces tips that you haven't seen before:

1. The preparation

Good preparation and detailed research form the basis of a good presentation. Only if the topic to be presented is dealt with in detail can the audience the right knowledge and meaningful information mediated.

2. Practice makes perfect

You can do many things in life learn through intense practice and acquire. It is the same with a speech or giving a presentation.

You should know the most important main theses of the presentation by heart and thus practice speaking to yourself in front of your own mirror.

Pay particular attention to these three factors as you practice:

  • straight and confident posture
  • open gesture & friendly facial expressions
  • Speaking time

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3. Tell stories

Don't forget that a presentation is often used to serve colleagues and co-workersto convince of an idea or a project. The focus of a presentation should of course relate to the main topic. Nevertheless, you should make your own presentation more appealing by involving the audience in an interesting story.

4. Less is more

Long and confusing lists of paragraphs? Boring list of bullet points? All of this must be avoided for a good presentation! Instead you should short sentencesor key points shown on the slides be.

Also is the Use of pictures and graphics or even videos a great change for the audience. This makes it easier for you to tell more information and details during the presentation and at the same time prevents monotonous reading.

5. Be brave and a little naughty

People like to laugh and be surprised.

So why not in a presentation? A speech is made more effective by funny anecdotesormeaningful quotes with built-in. So you have the full attention of interested listeners. Maybe you can act or someone else Use the element of surprise?

  • A loud scream
  • Throw visual material into the audience
  • or just ask the audience?

Everything is possible.

Even more tips for effective speeches

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6. Movement

One confident impression and connection with your listeners you don't create by permanently hiding behind a podium or table!

A good presentation requires a certain dynamic and movement.

Moving your hands can also help create a positive charisma. That's how you looknot like a static robot. Run. Use the space available to you.

7. Prevent technical disruptions

Many technical malfunctions can be avoided from the outset by planning ahead. On the one hand, all links should be tested immediately after the presentation has been completed. On the other hand one cannot rely on the internet connection.

So in order to avoid technical malfunctions, you can very easily Backup copiesof screenshots or save short film files and play them locally if necessary. Don't forget whatever happens "The show must go on!

Even if a breakdown happens, integrate it spontaneously into the lecture.

8. Questions & Answers - Time

A good preparation and detailed research will make it easier to answer the audience's questions. So you can already guess which questions might arise for the audience during the presentation. If the case should arise that you cannot answer a listener's question immediately, then simply offer them to speak again in detail about their question after the presentation.

The infographic with tips for the ideal presentation

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