Will Trump ban cannabis

The US depends on Germany

The USA, the country that many Germans like to look down on with comforting horror, especially during the presidency of Donald Trump, whether because of high social inequality or an out of control pandemic, are currently in the process of leaving Germany behind. Not health insurance costs or police violence cases, but marijuana legalization. Largely unnoticed by the German public in view of the election of US President Trump, five other states decided to legalize it in the US election.

Both in the more liberal east coast state of New Jersey and in the more conservative states of Montana and South Dakota, a majority voted for the approval of hemp. In Arizona, activists had simply proposed a legalization initiative rejected in 2016 in a similar form - this time the more democratic electorate voted for it. And even in Mississippi, medical marijuana was cleared at the ballot box. This means that »weed« consumption for relaxation is now legal in 14 states, in a total of 35 states at least partially for medical purposes - sometimes only with reduced THC content - and only completely prohibited in Nebraska and Idaho. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, “ganja” is to be legalized “this year” in New York. There could be referenda on legalization in six other states in 2022.

One thing is clear: marijuana is a winning topic. There are majorities in favor of legalization across party lines, even in states where the US Democrats do not get a majority of the votes - such as South Dakota, for example. Progressive Democrats had previously pointed out that votes on the topic are also tactically smart for the party, because they increase the turnout of young Americans who lean towards the Democrats with a clear majority and no longer, as in the past, a large backlash of older and more conservative ones Triggers voters.

Embarrassing for the party: Out of consideration for the wishes of more moderate and more conservative Democratic MPs who feared punishment by the voters, a vote in the US House of Representatives on legalization at the federal level had been postponed until after the election. Now it should be made up for in December. Also embarrassing: The new Democratic President Joe Biden does not support legalization, although 68 percent of Americans do so, including 48 percent of Republicans, according to a Gallup poll.

Also embarrassing: not much is happening in Germany in this regard. Most recently, the Greens and the Left Party failed in mid-September with a draft for a “cannabis control law” in the Bundestag. While possession of 15 grams of marijuana is currently at least tolerated in "liberal" Berlin, up to 28 grams will be completely legal in South Dakota from summer 2021. This not only means that harmless stoners will continue to be persecuted in several German states, but also that tax revenue from the profits of a billion-dollar industry - for example, required to finance the corona crisis - will be foregone.

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