There is free WiFi in Disney World

Answers and suggestions for solutions to everyday questions about Walt Disney World

Yo! It's off to Disney World! For many, this is a journey that has long been eagerly awaited. There are a few things you should know and consider to ensure that your vacation in Disney World is truly an unforgettable experience.

First of all, you should keep in mind that Walt Disney World is located in Florida (that sounds so logical, but is still over and over again ignored!) And that there are a few basic climatic peculiarities associated with it. The Sunshine State is named after it for a reason. What can be very pleasant on the one hand also has its pitfalls. So it can get extremely hot in the summer months. In addition, it rains relatively often, which in combination with high temperatures often leads to humid conditions. You should definitely be prepared for these circumstances! In any case, there is good news: It rains almost every day, sometimes extremely hard, but complete rainy days are very rare in the Orlando area. So be prepared for one or the other heavy shower, there is often a violent storm in the afternoon, which makes it very humid, but that was it when it came to rain, at least as a rule. So pack enough ponchos and a small umbrella and you are prepared for most days.
When there is no rain, the sun often shines and it does so with full force. So don't forget your sun protection!

The area where Disney World is located is very swampy. Accordingly, there are quite a few stinging insects. You should therefore absolutely rub yourself in with an insect repellent to prevent bites. In the theme parks there are now also stands where you can get insect repellants free of charge.

In addition to these points, there are other everyday things that you should be familiar with before your trip to Florida. An important point, for example, is the tip. A thing that many Germans or Europeans generally have a hard time dealing with.

Other everyday things that you should have dealt with before your vacation are, for example, making calls and surfing the Internet. If you don't have a tariff that also covers the USA, like most of them here in Germany, then you should find out from your provider what costs are incurred for calling and surfing. Or you can play it safe and buy a prepaid card for the USA. Incidentally, there is free Wi-Fi in the theme parks and Disney Hotels, so you don't have to worry about any additional costs.

Do you have a credit card and plan to use your MagicBand to pay at Disney World? Well. And yet you should have some cash with you. This is not only useful for tips, but also when you are driving your car on toll roads or otherwise move outside the resort. While credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in the United States, there are a few exceptions where cash is really handy.

Nobody wants to hope so, but unfortunately it still happens every now and then: you get sick or injured, so that you need medical help or have to see a doctor. In this case it is an advantage not to panic, but to know where to get help.

Who can you turn to when you've lost something? There is of course a lost and found office in Walt Disney World. Everything you need to know about it and who you can turn to is clearly summarized.

You will find answers to all of these everyday questions here, plus a few tips on how you should best deal with one or the other situation.

With all this information in the bag, nothing stands in the way of an absolutely magical stay at Walt Disney World. Have fun!