Does the Easter bunny exist

Does the Easter Bunny exist? What the lying press is hiding from us.

As children we all got our sweets from Easter bunnies in the nests. But then they wanted to tell us that it was all just a legend. has finally got the EGGs to bring the truth to light.

On the run from the German system: an Easter bunny.

For the first time, a German Easter Bunny fled to Russia and unwrapped: With the support of the CIA and FIFA, shady small animal breeders captured and locked up almost all Easter Bunnies during the 1990 World Cup. Since then, 50% of the chocolate eggs laid by the long-ears have been eaten by the fat breeders of small animals, the rest is sold directly to the chocolate industry for further processing. Many are wondering why Russia is still intervening in Ukraine with flimsy justifications. In truth, Putin is fighting alongside Easter bunnies and other mythical creatures such as unicorns and separatists against the chocolate oligarch and Ukrainian President Poroshenko.

Why are the German media and politicians hiding these facts?

There is currently nothing in the newspapers about the participation of the Easter Bunnies in the crisis in Ukraine. Coincidence? NO This is only done to distract the German public.

Many journalists began their careers in the 1980s as regional reporters for a newspaper, mainly dealing with rabbit breeding associations and local politics.
But even today as editors-in-chief in the “mainstream media” these journalists still work with the well-fed rabbit breeders and the proper politicians of that time. A conspiracy of gigantic proportions. Allegedly, even former local politicians like SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) or Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) play an important role ...


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