How has technology changed the youth

How technology is changing our society

In “Cyberwar”, Constanze Kurz and Frank Rieger from the renowned Chaos Computer Club describe new forms of warfare that are becoming an ever greater threat to our society today: We are now not only networking computers and smartphones, but also household appliances and everyday objects. However, the more we rely on networked technology in all areas of life, the greater the threat potential of a cyber attack. The authors not only illustrate spectacular attacks on entire states and societies. They also explain the political and economic conditions due to which weak points are ignored or even consciously used.

While cyberwar relates to the present and the immediate future, the historian Yuvel Noah Harari goes one step further with “Homo Deus”: Technology companies are shaping one future vision after another. The intertwining of man and machine is being praised almost naturally. Harari asks critically where in these developments the central values ​​of humanism remain, such as free will and individuality. The author quickly traces the history of mankind and thus underpins his doubts that ever greater networking, including people themselves, is an irreversible development. The book contrasts this infatuation with technology with a humanistic vision of the future.