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Contribution from BrunsLee »Fri Feb 19, 2016, 3:51 pm

Hi Guys,
I introduced myself here over a year ago and haven't been seen since and I would like to briefly explain how this came about
As described at the time, I have not yet lived on the farm and therefore had nothing to tell for the first 3 months
The garden started in mid-March, I was very motivated and read here again and again when I didn't know what to do next.
Even then I made up my mind to introduce myself correctly and to post photos. Unfortunately, my cell phone broke at the beginning of summer and all the photos were gone
I always wanted to read everything new was written, but then I didn't have the time and didn't know what to start reading.
Now I was busy for 1 year and would like to try again to integrate myself here. ;-)

In the middle of March I got started, turned the garden inside out (it wasn't really cultivated anymore, since my grandmother is 91 years old), found meter by meter old snail fence and dug it back in and planted it as much as it could. Since I don't have a cold frame and all my window sills are facing the wrong direction, I bought seedlings. I only grew tomatoes on the windowsill, which didn't go very well and therefore still had to use seedlings.
Everything worked out great in the garden. When a friend dug up her garden before the ice saints, I was already harvesting lettuce and kohlrabi.
By the end of September I had harvested as much as I could, unfortunately the garden is now empty over the winter, I'm trying to time a little better this year so that I can still see something before winter.
In my approx. 25 m2 garden I have planted the following and also harvested everything (even if sometimes not significant quantities: D)
Onions, carrots, kohlrabi, lettuce, rocket, leeks, celeriac, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, fennel, lamb's lettuce, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, beans, courgettes, beetroot, strawberries, garlic, chilies and herbs. Around the garden I still harvested rhubarb, currants (red, white, black) and 3 boxes of apples.
All summer long I only bought meat, not a single vegetable: it was wonderful!
We dried the apples, frozen them, made puree and pressed juice, made jam from the currants, canned zucchini, carrots and pumpkin (gift from the neighbor), made basil and rocket pesto and much more.
What didn't work are sugar melons, which were too humid in spring :-)
And with the tree nuts / walnuts (what is it called in DE?)…. Without exception, they all came from the tree in the black bowl and were all gray before they dried.

In the autumn I chopped wood for the winter for and partly with my father.
Over the winter I was very busy with renovating with my friends. We have made a room in part of a dugout where my friend will open a farm playgroup from next school year.
I also spent hours tidying up and disposing of things in containers.

My next (more urgent) projects are the construction of a chicken coop, which should be ready in 1 month, and a compost toilet (from a big old barrel).
In addition, in spring I make a hedge from branches on the property line.

Soo, that was 1 year summarized, now I have to go to work until 10 p.m. and then I try to upload photos if someone wants to see them :-)
Kind regards BrunsLee