Why are you such a big loser

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You're a big loserwho says "hello".
From this point of view at least, the results are clear: - Hard blow to the Scottish Independence Party, the big loser this election: you will lose 21 seats!
From this point of view at least, the results are pretty clear: - a blow to the Scottish independence party, the big loser of this electoral consultation: it lost 21 seats!
Big loser on the other hand was the dollar.
By contrast, the big loser has been the dollar.
Big loser The day was the Garmin team that had competed with a strong team.
Team Garmin and Danny Pate was the big loser of the day.
I am a big loser.
The Valais hotelier is still convinced of his views at the time. Swissinfo.ch: At every EEA-No anniversary, your opponent at the time, Christoph Blocher, celebrates, and you are recognized by the media as big loser from then presented.
The Valais hotelier is still convinced he was right.swissinfo.ch: At every anniversary of the "no" vote to the EEA, your then-opponent Christoph Blocher celebrates, while you are portrayed in the media as the big loser of that campaign.
Big loser is (similar to Sport 2000) also the Funwheel division, with skateboards and inline skates, with minus 15 percent sales.
The big loser was (similarly to Sport 2000), the 'fun wheel' sector, with skateboards and inline skates among others seeing sales down by 15 percent.
I very much hope that the new Member States are not in the category big loser will fall.
I strongly hope that the new Member States will not fall into the category of big losers.
Nevertheless, the EU, which is already awaiting the Brexit referendum on June 23 with excruciating uncertainty, is the big loser.
The EU, which is already in a painful state of uncertainty about the result of the Brexit referendum on June 23, is the big loser here.
OK, he's a big loser... who do you expect for $ 8.50 an hour?
All right, so he's a fat looser. I mean, Who'd you expect to get for $ 8.50 an hour?
And then I took the train home alone ... and I felt like one big loser.
And then I took the train home by myself and I felt like a huge loser.
Big loser the day was the three-time winner Peter Schroen, who was not there and was never able to catch up. He finished the race in a second group and so could not become the absolute record holder at La Charly Gaul with a win.
The Main victim of this move was three times winner Peter Schroen who wasn't in the first group and never managed to get to the front again. He would not win the Charly Gaul for a record-setting fourth time this year.
This is very regrettable, not least because a common asylum policy will in all likelihood lead to ever tougher and more restrictive measures for people who are really in need of protection big loser will emerge from this policy.
This is very unfortunate, not least because a common asylum policy will, in all probability, entail a tougher and more restrictive policy in which people needing protection will lose out the most.
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