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Thomas was born in Sicily as the son of Count Landolf von Aquino.


The educational path begins early in the famous Benedictine monastery on Monte Cassino.


Thomas starts studying at the University of Naples.


He enters the Dominican order.


Thomas follows his teacher Albertus Magnus to Cologne and studies there with him for several years.


He received his doctorate in Paris and began to give lectures there himself. From the beginning Thomas had a strong interest in Aristotle, whose main works he commented on. It is about an appropriation of the rational thinking of antiquity, shaped by the Christian spirit.


Thomas Aquinas teaches in Rome and other Italian places, and his fame also leads him to the court of two popes.

Thomas is the author of more than 80 writings, above all the "Summa theologica" (doctrinal term of theology) and the "Summa contra gentiles" (doctrinal term against the Gentiles), but also the writings "De ente et essentia" (About Being and the essence), "Quaestiones disputatae: De veritate" (investigations into the truth), "De malo" (on evil), "De anima" (the soul). The basic idea always remains the identification of God with the one being.


Due to philosophical controversy, she returned to Paris for a while.


Thomas becomes head of the general study of his order in Naples.


7th March: On his way to the Council of Lyon, Thomas dies in Fossanova.


Thomas Aquinas is canonized. He is not only a theologian, but also the most important philosopher of the Middle Ages. His honorary titles were "Doctor communis" and "Doctor angelicus".

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