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The kilometer kings - used cars with high mileage

How do you find a real endurance runner?

Used cars with high mileage are a dime a dozen. But how can statements be made about the durability and reliability of a used vehicle? There are lists of defects from DEKRA and TÜV, which give an overview of which models have had an above-average number of defects over the years or, on the contrary, stand out positively due to their lack of defects. At the same time, it is possible to identify those used car models that are very often offered with a mileage of over 200,000 kilometers. This is where the real kings of kilometers are revealed, i.e. the model families that, from a statistical point of view, are particularly often represented in used car exchanges with a high mileage.

The past life of the kilometer eater is crucial - how did the mileage come about?

The way the car is used says more about its condition than just the mileage. You should therefore always ask yourself how the high mileage came about. The frequently used phrase “long-haul vehicle” is no guarantee of a real kilometer king. A compact car with a small engine that has been driven a lot on the autobahn can also be a long-haul car. Logically, a typical representative car such as the diesel version of the VW Passat is a much better choice compared to the small-engine compact. Taxis are another example of long-lived kilometer hogs. These vehicles are in use around the clock in shifts, the engine always remains warm and thus the cold running phases that wear out are reduced.

Volvo V70 and Mercedes W210 - Swedish steel and Swabian endurance runner

When searching for a used car via PKW.de for vehicles with at least 200,000 kilometers on the speedometer, the real kilometer kings quickly reveal themselves. A noticeably large number of models from Volvo and Mercedes cavort in the search results. The “Swedish Bricks”, which are considered indestructible, such as the old Volvo 850, which has since been replaced by the successor endurance runner Volvo V70, lead the parade of kilometer eaters. Another top candidate in terms of mileage is the classic taxi - the Mercedes E-Class of the W210 series or E290. The already mentioned representative Passat of the generations B3 and B5 also proves to be a reliable vehicle that does not seem to mind six-digit mileage.

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