Which is not wrong, but it hurts us

Think: errors of everyday life Does reading in the dark harm the eyes?

It is a nice childish reading pleasure: Your parents have sent you to bed, but you don't want to sleep yet and pull the covers over your head. Then turned on the flashlight and took out the comic. If it weren't for the eternal warnings: Too little light when reading spoils the eyes.

Reading with a flashlight

All nonsense, various colleagues write and quote ophthalmologists who explain: When there is less light, the eyes cannot see deeply so well. Reading is therefore more strenuous and the eyes are tired more quickly. But that's exactly the point of the exercise: You get tired and can fall asleep. The short reading time with a flashlight does not damage the eyes.

Which really hurts the eyes

But there is an important exception to this rule in the case of mirrors: a permanent lack of daylight can damage the organs of vision. A study by Tübingen university physicians on chickens already showed ten years ago that if the animals were not exposed to either bright daylight or bright artificial light, their eyeballs grew longer. Longer eyeballs, on the other hand, make you more myopic. An Australian study was able to determine this effect in school children: those who were nearsighted had spent less time in daylight.

In summary, one can say: Reading with a flashlight under the covers does not harm the eyes, provided that you have been outdoors long enough.