What is the skill difference between soldiers

How is the military modified when an experienced warrior power could grow well beyond human limits?

This is quite a complex question. It depends on several factors, but we could look at a few points


Though video role-playing games and a few others make up a large part of the capture process for fights and kills. But it's not very realistic. The name says so: "Experience". That is, every time you do something new, you gain experience. If you kill your first goblin you will progress, but it will hardly be worth it until the 100th.

But other things might be interesting to gain experience: solve a puzzle, travel, create something new, etc. Depending on the source of your experience, you will make progress in a job. A blacksmith doesn't have to kill anyone, but rather by forging various swords and co. he will be better. And reach the level of Master Smith.


Still inspired by some role-playing games, you could start as low a level as very general professions: merchants, soldiers, etc. Soldiers are generally just as good at spears, swords or bows in general. But as they progress through levels, they become more specialized (think Legolas!). You could have a Master Smith who specializes in swords, another in armor, others in horseshoes.

This may sound random, but I think it brings some realism and it is essential to your question.


Let's forget about blacksmiths, musicians or politicians for the time being. And let's dive into the world of power.

They know that the more battles they fight, the better they get.

Newer recruits and / or younger recruits are mistaken for minor jobs. Cooking, etc. And you use the wars and major battles to provide many experiences. And you've kind of used natural choices to see which ones have a natural knack for doing it.

Once they have some experience, you will use them as guardians. The more experienced they are, the more important the people / places they guard are. And they take part in larger operations to gain more experience.

And that's about as far as you get in middle school. It should be noted that many died in the process. Battles are not particularly safe places.

And we get to the heart of your question. What to do with the highest levels

But as we defined earlier, they specialize. So there is no single answer. For example, you could have:

  • Special forces on a battlefield organized to break the opponent's strategy (kind of like cavalry in many medieval European battles).
  • independent units: such as assassins, guards for kings, spies, etc.
  • Trainer, teacher: they help the peons to use their experiences.

politics and society

How are they now being treated by societies? The highest levels are likely to be famous people. Its reputation goes far beyond its own country. Many countries will try to give them the best deals. Attacking a country with a large fortress and the best archer in the world is likely to cool some ambitions. So money, titles, husbands and / or wives. Anything you want.

Some would only sell to the highest bidder. You want to be the best and gain experience. Others would stay in one country for one reason or another. But they are certainly the subject of much political and economic discussions.

However, depending on the power gap, they may only function as nuclear weapons. They are too powerful that you cannot attack an army that one of them is in. Or you do, but only if you have an equivalent in yours but leave that on the side. That would be too costly to both take the death toll in your ranks and take the risk of losing your masterpiece.