What does it cost to sow hemp

EU-certified industrial hemp varieties

Obtain your hemp seeds inexpensively directly from us!

In addition to the specially propagated varieties

  • USO 31

we also offer the French varieties

  • FÉLINA 32
  • FÉDORA 17
  • FUTURA 75
  • FIBER 79
  • and much more
at very attractive prices. Seeds are only available in 25 kg containers with a certificate of approval.

Please ask us about availability as early as possible from mid-December and reserve / order your requirements.

We have summarized the properties of the most common varieties for you in our “Variety Info”, which we will be happy to make available to you on request.

Since 2019, industrial hemp has been allowed as Catch crop be cultivated. Hemp as a cover crop is THE alternative to improve the soil structure and suppress weeds. Additional yield is also generated because hemp can be harvested as a catch crop.

The shredded straw remains in the field and offers protection against erosion, as this is not related to the subsequent summer season and therefore cannot transmit any diseases.

According to the information sheet of the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food, the cultivation notification must be submitted by July 1, 2020. If industrial hemp is sown as a catch crop after July 1 of the year of cultivation, the official labels must be submitted to the Federal Agency by September 1 of the year of cultivation.

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We are happy to answer any further questions, cultivation advice and price inquiries.

- Leaflet of the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food
- How to get your hemp seeds (pdf)
- Forms BLE industrial hemp