How do people watch movies online

Watch Together: Watch films and series online together

Thomas Hartmann

In times when you cannot or should not meet face to face so easily, virtual offers for meetings of all kinds are all the more popular.

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We recently reported on the Netflix Party, where you can watch series and films from the streaming provider synchronously with other Netflix users and chat at the same time. With Watch2Gether, which of course has been around since 2011, there is now a tool that is definitely welcome in this phase, with which you can create a virtual room. Then you can use the Internet synchronously with friends, writes the provider, while watching videos, listening to music and even shopping online at Amazon. Watch2Gether - roughly translated as "Looks together" - promises that players for video and audio are synchronized, and there is also an integrated chat function. Content from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Soundcloud is supported. The number of playlists is therefore unlimited - you are visually involved in the room with the help of webcams.

Watch2Gether is free and you don't need to register. The links to participate will be sent via email, Facebook, Twitter and other common channels.

One user thinks, for example, that as a teacher you could also watch videos with pupils and comment on them. Or be with his long-distance relationship this way.

As with many online services, the Watch2Gether business model is based on advertising. But there is also a plus option. The first thirty days are free, after that around 3.5 euros per month are due. The user receives an ad-free space for this. In the event that he creates the online space, none of the parties involved will see any more advertisements. If the plus user joins the online rooms with advertising, it is hidden from him. For the Plus users there is earlier access to the beta options and a few more settings such as additional chat colors and animated GIFs in the chat messages.