What is a UART driver

FT232R USB UART - Driver - Windows Download

Yes, there are still the "good old" USB 2 serial adapters! But now a lot of models of Windows 8 or Windows 10 are recognized without problems and also installed cleanly. The only problem is then - if Windows does not recognize the adapter, you have to search for the driver for Windows manually. However, depending on which China forge the adapter comes from, this can turn out to be a bit problematic. Today, for example, I stumbled across the FT232R USB UART USB / Serial Converter, which is required for the connect for Fluke devices.

Basically you can even find the driver on the manufacturer's website, even if it is so confusing due to its design and menu navigation - that I first looked on other sites to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, this search then led to various dubious sites from which it would be better not to get any software! So I went back to the manufacturer and looked for the right section again and found it.

Basically you just need the driver for VCP (Virtual Com Port).

You can find this here at FTDICHIP for all common operating systems from Windows to Linux.

Download VCP DXXX Driver

Here then simply start the download, put the contents of the packed file somewhere on the local hard drive.

And then go to the device manager, select the item "Update driver" there and then specify the location in the details where you extracted the files from the zip file.

Now a new COM port should be created and you can access the corresponding device via the software.


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