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Private schools

Walddorf, Montessori & Co .: Different ideas about education

There are big differences between private school providers. There are different educational concepts and worldviews behind the individual sponsors. bigKARRIERE introduces you to the most important ones:

Montessori schools

More than 400 schools in Germany teach their students according to Maria Montessori's pedagogy. Means: Here is on Independent and self-determined learning at your own learning pace set. There are no classes separated by year as in normal schools, but learning is done together in different age groups. You are left here largely free hand as to what you want to learn and when and what you do during your school days. References, criticism, pressure? Nothing! The Montessori teachers are there for you as contact persons and give instructions or assistance.

Walddorf schools

The holistic education of their students is a real concern of around 230 Walddorf schools in Germany. That means, you are not just soaking up theoretical knowledge there. That is why they are right at the top of the timetable Subjects such as sports, works, music, theater and art. In the so-called epoch lessons you study a topic intensively over several weeks. Instead of grades, there are only detailed descriptions of your achievements.

Church schools

Behind most of the private schools in Germany stands the church - either the Catholic or the Protestant. The focus of pedagogy is the Christian image of man as well as charity and value education. You do not have to be a believer or religious to attend church school. But you will still feel more comfortable there if you have a connection to church & Co. Because religion plays a major role in church schools beyond teaching.

Checklist: This is how you recognize a good private school

As with state schools, private schools have good and bad institutions. We'll tell you what to look for when choosing the right private school.

1. Which school is best for me? I tend to be Individualist or team player. Not every educational concept fits everyone.

2. Offers the private school one Boarding school? Here you can be specifically promoted if necessary.

3. Take the Teacher under the microscope: Do you like to work there or do you give yourself a hand?

4. Take a good look at the private school, have a say parents from students who are already in school.

5. Keep that School fees In view: Good private schools often offer discounts and scholarships for less affluent students.