How do free iOS apps make money

6 ways to make money with your app

3. Freemium app

This new word is made up of the English Free and Premium and stands for the combination of free (basic) app and paid (premium) app.

Users can download the free app on their smartphone, but are encouraged to buy the premium app by:

  • Limited functions of the free app
  • Restricted content (e.g. articles must be activated) a so-called "Paywall"
  • Advertising in the free app, but not in the premium app

Here you should note that on average only approx. 0.5 - 2% of users a smartphone app for purchasing the Premium version decide.

4. In-app purchases

With this variant, use of the app is initially free of charge, similar to the "Freemium" variant. Individual functions, areas or packages can go through In-app purchases can be unlocked.

Smartphone apps that offer in-app purchases are marked as such in the respective app stores.

5. Subscription model

Another model that is becoming more and more important is the subscription or Subscription model. In this case, users of the app are offered a subscription, which means that they do not even pay a large amount, but rather small amounts of money at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly or annually) for using the smartphone app.

6. In-app currencies

A special case of in-app purchases are the so-called In-app currencies. In the case of game apps in particular, these currencies are often used as a means of payment in order to offer users an opportunity to get to their desired destination faster or more easily, which is appropriate to the world of games. For example, users can buy virtual gold coins, diamonds or other “monetary units” that are suitable for the game, thereby gaining advantages in the game. The currency should not, however, in the sense of a so-called "Pay-to-Win" Systems are used. Users should always have the chance to get to their destination for free, which is usually more difficult and takes more time. Single transactions are sufficient here from just 1 euro to 150 euros.

A personal warning: When integrating in-app currencies as a payment system in your app, you should carefully deal with the legal requirements and regulations on the subject of gambling from the outset and also bear in mind that your app is mostly installed by users from all over the world can. We recommend consulting an expert. In many cases, the agencies we have placed can inform you about the legal regulations and hurdles and show you the right way. In special cases, however, you should consider consulting a lawyer who specializes in this area.

After you have thought about how you want to earn money with your app later, the next phase, development, is dedicated to design. More on that at this point.

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