Why are WhatsApp and Instagram both down

Instagram and WhatsApp down: Facebook companies are currently disrupted

by David Wurm on March 19, 2021, 6:37 pm | Update March 19, 19:28 | 4 comments

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That has never happened before: Instagram and WhatsApp are down at the same time. Both companies belong to Facebook, so the failure can be very well connected. However, Facebook itself is not affected by the disruption.

In the past Instagram was down, and WhatsApp was down several times. However, both services have never failed at the same time. Today, however, the time has come - the feed no longer loads on Instagram, for example, and messages cannot be sent. Messages cannot be sent or received on WhatsApp, and media can not be sent either.

Instagram and WhatsApp down: what's the cause?

As always, we don't know what the reason is. It is also funny that Facebook itself is not down and continues to work. At the moment, however, users have no choice but to wait and not to blame their own Internet. We will inform you in this article about further updates on this disorder.

Update at 7:07 pm: Instagram and WhatsApp seem to be available again.

Update at 7:28 p.m .: Even after another 20 minutes, the services run without any problems. The disturbance appears to have ended.

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