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Talent management special

"An interesting, comprehensive and extremely differentiated presentation of the phenomenon of gifted people - well-researched and meaningful chapters on the relationship between gifted people and leadership and being led, on success, talent management, how they deal with themselves and how organizations deal with them, supplemented by stimulating questions and practical tips. A useful book for gifted people and everyone who (professionally) has to do with them! " Franz Biehal, management consultant and psychotherapist, Trigon Development Consulting (Vienna)

Compared to the amount of scientific and journalistic publications on gifted children and young people, literature on gifted adults is surprisingly scarce in Germany. The publication by Maximilian Lackner is all the more interesting and important, above all because he not only processes existing literature on giftedness and intelligence in general, but also deals with the situation of gifted adults at work, in larger and smaller company structures, in the context of management in a lively and varied manner . He gives important, practical and practicable assistance both for the gifted themselves as well as for the handling and communication with the gifted on the part of the management, in which gifted employees should of course not be missing.

A comprehensive compendium for seasoned managers as well as for those who are just developing management skills and who want to recruit, effectively use and use the innovative, intellectual potential of highly gifted employees or want to contribute themselves to companies and management structures as highly gifted people. Prof. Dr. Klaus K. Urban, creativity and giftedness expert, past president of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC), writer, language player and poetry slammer

“Maximilian Lackner has achieved a feat: he demystifies the myth of giftedness in a professional context. If you follow his explanations, you will discover that some, but not - as is sometimes glorified - all gifted people are extraordinarily successful in their careers. Up to 20% are also “underachievers” for different reasons, many are lacking in self-confidence, others appear excessively arrogant. You will find personality traits described here, as you often find them in everyday professional life even in not highly gifted colleagues, employees or superiors.

The author takes the reader on a hard ride through the whole range of instruments of modern management theory - and always remains true to the point of view of the gifted and that of their professional environment.

What remains now after the disenchantment? Properly managed, gifted people can make a lasting contribution to the company's success. Lackner gives impetus to reflect on his own leadership behavior and to create the organizational prerequisites for successful integration into everyday business.

One can only wish this book many readers. It is a good impetus for self-reflection - for gifted people not to close themselves off to the world with their special abilities. And also for everyone else, not to isolate gifted people as exotic anymore, but to use them as an opportunity for their organization. " Dr. Bernhard Höbel, Interim Manager Pharma | Biotech | Medtech

"The book by Dr. Lackner is very well researched, all non-trivial claims are backed up by quotations; the writing style is fluent and easy to understand. Overall, it is a very detailed work that gives a competent insight into the world of the gifted and theirs Provides leadership. " Dr. Claus-Dieter Volko, physician and IT expert

“Anyone who wants to lead successfully as a gifted person will find a lot of helpful hints for themselves in this book. Anyone who has to lead gifted people will use this book to see how they can use their resources profitably instead of suppressing them. This groundbreaking management book helps to recognize the potential of the gifted instead of being afraid of it. This underestimated fringe group is finally being put into perspective. " Stéphane Etrillard, top executive coach and bestselling author, Düsseldorf www.etrillard.com

“The conclusion of this book is: gifted people are different - but neither are they. In his clear work, Lackner gives valuable tips for gifted people and their superiors using practical examples and describes the most important instruments of leadership theory in condensed form. With the focus on the essential aspects, this book is indispensable for everyone in whose work environment the promotion of talent has been recognized as an important management goal. " Una Hügli, Swarovski AG

"Giftedness provides great strength. But strength in itself is only potential - nice but ineffective. In addition to the promise of great achievements, great strength also harbors special difficulties. Lots of well-founded hints on how to circumvent the difficulties and use giftedness This book offers the ability to generate exceptional performance for your operational challenges. A successful balancing act between theory and practice to unite management and giftedness. " Jörg Krenmayr, executive coach, intelligence researcher, author, Vienna

"The guide for the right way to deal with giftedness in a professional environment!

Dealing with giftedness is a gray area, especially in the area of ​​management. Maxi‐ milian Lackner impressively shows ways and possibilities to promote and lead highly talented people in their professional environment. " Jasmin Wollesen. Inventor, founder of Inventrio, Berlin

“Maximilian Lackner succeeds in giving an extraordinary insight into the world of the gifted with many illustrative examples. At the same time, he avoids restricting the concept of giftedness to pure intelligence. He also deals in detail with the aspects of creativity, motivation and social competence. It also specifically addresses the situation of gifted people in companies and gives numerous tips for successful cooperation. These suggestions can also be transferred to the management of all employees who are to be motivated as independently thinking personalities. " Prof. Dr. Wilhelm-A. Buckermann, Esslingen University, chemical management

“Nowadays, many young people may think they shouldn't be unnecessarily noticeable because of giftedness. Not least because their superiors could feel directly threatened, but also because the potentially demanding and difficult employee simply does not fit into the standard corporate categorization ’and is not asked for. This attitude is regrettable as a starting point.

A good manager knows how to use and promote the strengths of his team and is not afraid to complement his own skills with those of his team. This book will be very helpful in building solid bridges in this area. " Ian David Marsden, illustrator & cartoonist

“With this book about special talent management, companies can achieve greater success. It makes highly gifted people aware of the challenges that they naturally pose to others and sharpens their social intelligence, which is what makes them successful. The greatest human challenge in the management of the highly talented, however, remains that of being mentally inferior as a superior and still being able to and having to set the right guidelines.

This book helps all three groups, which also explains its impressive length, which should not, however, put you off.

Enjoy the reading and reap the success. " Florian Laszlo, Managing Director, Observer GmbH, Vienna

“Talent Management Special describes in a well-founded manner how to deal with extraordinary talents in working life. Seldom before have the particularities of highly talented managers or employees been presented in such a beneficial, objective and reader-friendly way.

The book promotes mutual understanding on both sides of the "IQ 130 limit". Katja Higatzberger, talent expert

“Especially for gifted people, the transition from apprenticeship / studies to a job in the economy consists of many stumbling blocks.

A book is finally here that will help overcome many of these stumbling blocks. It impressively addresses the concerns of the gifted in companies, without overlooking the less intelligent at the same time.

Inestimable are the advantages that taking the author's considerations into account for everyone involved (employee, boss, gifted person,

Normally gifted) bring: Communication problems are off the table.

Dosed redundancy (from the perspective of the gifted) in meetings with differently intelligent people as well as clever feedback mechanisms avoid friction losses. In addition, the book helps gifted people to develop constructive self-strength and that in synergy with entrepreneurial ideals. I highly recommend it as a read. Gifted people in a hurry can also benefit very well. The summaries are used for this purpose and the individual sections can be read largely independently of the others ”. Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring, arithmetic world champion

“Lackner did a great job. He draws attention to this important issue ". Dr. Noks Nauta, company doctor and organizational psychologist