What is self marketing

Self-marketing - what is it actually?

"Tell me, Julian, what does self-marketing actually mean?"

I was asked that the other day. I noticed that the term is obviously not as self-evident as it seems to me and some others.

Reason enough to create the basis for all subsequent episodes of the self-marketing podcast in the first episode. It would be too stupid if the podcast topic is unclear.

So what is self-marketing or self-marketing or personal branding? (Yes, there are quite a few terms for what this podcast is about.)

For me, self-marketing means above all to become more visible - not only online, but also offline.

So it's about marketing your own personality, not marketing a product. There are some differences here. There is another episode of its own to tell you exactly what these are.

Online visibility is essential

What is meant by online visibility is probably clear to most. Above all, the various social media channels play a major role here. Greetings from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Co. But also a website or a blog, somehow specialist forums or other channels contribute to visibility on the Internet.

And of course not to forget: Google. The largest search engine in the world is the central point of contact for a lot of what happens on the web. In this respect, it is also helpful to do ego googling from time to time, i.e. to search for your own name and see what can be found here. Because that too can be influenced in a certain way.

Visibility is also available offline

In my opinion, the presence in the offline world should not be underestimated. Despite all online activity, attending events, congresses, seminars and other events is also justified and contributes to your visibility.

This also includes, or above all, bar camps. I can really recommend this format. It's just great and is not only useful for networking, but also for positioning yourself, as everyone can offer a session themselves.

It's all about the mixture. This saying applies to so much in life - and also to self-marketing.

Self-marketing is sustainable

In my opinion, self-marketing is the most sustainable marketing method. I'll go into that in the next episode. Just this much: Anyone who advertises a product or a service or a special discount or the like only does so for a certain period of time.

When we talk about self-marketing, we mean a continuous process. Because what remains is the person. It doesn't matter whether she's selling product A or product B, giving a 10 percent discount, or promoting the Christmas package. More on that next time.

Conclusion: definition of self-marketing

Back to the question of what self-marketing is. If I may summarize again: Self-marketing is advertising for yourself with the aim of achieving more visibility and becoming a personal brand.

How this works, of course, I will go into great detail in the following podcast episodes.