Which EDM artists play the saxophone

Brian Thiel


Pop, soul, jazz, rock, latin


The Groovetops - party band / cover band): vocals, guitar, piano, bass, drums
Trio Merlot - jazz / pop / soul trio: vocals, piano, double bass
Holder & Brian - Jazz Duo: piano (Michael Holder), double bass
Sax & Bass - Jazz Duo: saxophone, double bass


My name is Brian Thiel and I am a bass player and band leader from Stuttgart. I was born in Zell, a small town on the Moselle, and made my first musical attempts there on the guitar, until I decided at the age of 12 to discover the electric bass. Because of my role models from television (music videos were still played at MTV), I fell in love with the instrument and it became the focus of my leisure time. Get up, school, bass, food, bass, homework, bass, sleep, get up and all over again. The first bands were founded and enabled me to get to know and research the role of the bass in the band context. In addition, my teacher made me familiar with the most varied of styles and taught me the technical aspects of being a musician.

Over the next 6 years I made the decision to study music and make playing the bass my profession. So I prepared intensively for the entrance exams, to which I traveled all over Germany, and finally got a place in Stuttgart. This was followed by 4 years full of music, experiences, activities, bands, performances, joy, new friends, trying things out, learning and self-discovery, until I played my final concert in January 2018.

Since then I have been living as a freelance musician in Stuttgart and have been involved in many formations as a bass player and band leader. Musically, I move in a wide variety of styles: from jazz and funk to rock, pop and soul to techno and EDM. I specialize in diversity - always with passion, attention to detail and a feel for the overall sound.